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Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore ( VFCS ) began operations in January 2015 in a purpose-built , dedicated in vitro fertilisation ( IVF ) facility together with a team of fertility specialists , embryologists , and specially trained nurses with a vision to improve patient outcomes for its patients .
VFCS is one of the centres in Virtus Health , an Australian company and the fourth largest provider of IVF services globally , and its mission is to provide personal fertility services enhanced by the passion of people and the precision of technology by creating a culture with the ambition to continually deliver the best care , science , and outcome .
VFCS is proud to have a unique ‘ clean room ’ embryology laboratory and automated radiofrequency identification , thereby providing optimal safety , service quality assurance , and peace of mind for its patients .
The IVF centre is easily accessible by patients and providers alike as it is located along Scotts Road , which is at walking distance from the famous Singapore Orchard Road shopping and entertainment area , while still giving its clientele a sense of privacy once they enter the centre .
The clinical team works closely with a group of dedicated fertility coaches to help couples cope with the stress as they undergo IVF . The positivity and calm assurance that they are not alone help pave the way for smoother cycles and better outcomes .
The team at VFCS strives to improve clinical outcomes by regularly reviewing performance within and without the Virtus Health group of IVF centres and adopting the latest technologies
Ms Cassie Leong & Ms Verlyn Tan
and knowledge in IVF . The demand for couples seeking IVF services is increasing , and in 2020 VFCS saw a 30 percent increase in IVF cycles , and a 12 percent increase in embryo transfers year on year . Success rates are also increasing each year and in 2020 , VFCS achieved a clinical pregnancy rate per transfer for patients under the age of 35 of 63.60 percent and for patients over the age of 35 , 48.70 percent . It also achieved an overall live birth rate per egg retrieval , resulting in a frozen transfer of 50.40 percent and 33.1054 percent for each age group respectively . The majority of its patients lie within the band of 35 to 45 years of age .
VFCS combines high magnification technology that can identify and select sperm with good DNA integrity with intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection ( ICSI ) to improve embryo quality and pregnancy outcomes . In addition , VFCS also employs Polarised Light Microscopy ( PLM ) to identify healthy eggs for fertilisation . This is particularly useful for more mature patients where genetic abnormalities are more common and eggs are fewer .
The premise is to ‘ Make Every Egg Count ’ and use innovation to better understand a patient ’ s egg quality , thereby optimising outcomes . Sperm analysis has always been emphasised at VFCS as well , and equal care is taken to select each sperm for the ICSI process .
To optimise workflow and minimise the exposure of the embryos by frequent assessment , VFCS uses time-lapse incubation system which allows the process of embryo development to be continually monitored without disrupting their environment . This process is further enhanced by using artificial intelligence and visual assessments to help determine which embryos are more likely to succeed in producing a viable pregnancy .
In 2021 , VFCS is expanding its clinical capacity to better serve its patients and providers . It remains committed to serving its patients with empathy and a mindset of excellence in every step of their journey to help them optimise their own potential to achieve their goal of becoming parents .
VFCS is committed and continues to work with its colleagues within the Virtus Health group of IVF centres and other IVF centres to support patients ’ various needs .
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