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Having developed a strong reputation over more than a decade for high quality diagnostic imaging , the Lifescan Imaging radiology centre offers a comprehensive range of imaging-related services .
Lifescan ’ s imaging expertise aids doctors in making diagnoses or determining the progress of a particular condition . Often used in regular health screening , its services can also check for bone mineral density in seniors , for example , or conduct mammograms for women . While most radiology services must be ordered by a healthcare professional , a few others can be self-requested .
Its diagnostic imaging technologies include :
• General ultrasound
• Musculoskeletal ultrasound
• X-rays
• CT scans
• Digital mammography
• Breast ultrasound
• MRIs
• Bone mineral density assessment
Its two diagnostic imaging and screening medical centres span 10,000 square feet over two sites in Singapore . They provide patients and referring doctors with quality diagnostic studies and imaging-guided procedures performed by a team of experienced radiologists and healthcare professionals .
Each of Lifescan ’ s multi-disciplinary
Mr Ariffin Ng
and radiology veterans have at least 18 years of clinical experience , complemented by sub-specialities ranging from cardiovascular and neurological imaging to musculoskeletal radiology . Lifescan ’ s radiologists have also frequently authored articles in various international medical journals .
Lifescan Imaging not only serves patients ’ imaging needs , it also supports doctors in the radiology services they require for patients under their care . The centre offers an integrated secure online portal for physicians to quickly access their patient ’ s scans and reports within 24 hours .
For international patients , Lifescan ’ s team of radiologists offers second opinions while working seamlessly with overseas centres to provide and deliver quality reporting .
All patient data remains private and secure and can only be accessed by the physician in charge through the secure portal . Once registered , physicians can view their patient ’ s scans and records online , regardless of location . This allows them to provide a timely and trusted service to their patients .
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