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Precious Medical Centre was established with the vision of providing comprehensive and integrated healthcare using a multi-disciplinary , holistic and patient-centred approach . We offer a unique one-stop solution from primary care and health screening to specialist services and dentistry . Our 14,000 sq . ft . centre occupies the entire 12th level of Paragon Medical and is strategically located in the heart of Orchard Road in Singapore and within walking distance to Mount Elizabeth Hospital , long recognised as the premier hospital in the region .
We receive a substantial number of medical tourists from countries beyond Southeast Asia such as Russia , Kazakhstan and India as Singapore is recognised as a centre for dental , medical and imaging excellence .
We work with a team of independent doctors and specialists who utilise our diagnostic imaging and day surgical facility to co-manage their patients optimally .
DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Precious Diagnostic Imaging Centre was conceptualised as a fully-fledged centre with six modalities : Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI ), Computed Tomography ( CT ), Mammography , Bone Mineral Densitometry ( BMD ), General X-Rays and Ultrasonography . Our second MRI has a faster scanner to allow us to increase our throughput . It also has the advantage of a wider bore which will help ease the anxiety of patients who have claustrophobia .
Key milestones since inception include being the preferred partner in Asia for the launch of LiverMultiscan , a diagnostic aid that quantifies
Dr William Chong
liver fat non-invasively and provides early detection of fibro-inflammation and MRCP +, which provides a colour rendition of the biliary tree which can radically change how certain disorders of the gall bladder and pancreas are managed .
We are able to do paediatric ultrasound scans and also digital X-Ray scoliosis scans for children .
DAY SURGERY We are a certified Day Surgical Centre with two lead-lined operating theatres and an endoscopy suite . Our operating theatres are positive pressure rooms equipped with HEPA air filtration and tested regularly to ensure air exchange cycles in excess of 20 per hour to ensure clean air . Common procedures include orthopaedic surgery requiring the use of fluoroscopy , plastic surgical procedures such as Vaser liposuction with fat transfers , and endoscopy involving narrow band imaging for better visualisation of early gastric and colon cancers under intra-venous sedation . We have trained anaesthesia nurses to ensure patient safety during general anaesthesia and recovery . We also have a dedicated GA / IV sedation operating theatre for general and paediatric dentistry .
HEALTH SCREENING We provide health screening and full body medical check-ups for both men and women , to identify the risks of developing a specific disease , so that preventive measures can be undertaken , or to detect an existing condition for early intervention . Tests include electrocardiogram and stress treadmill to exclude heart conditions . As we are fully integrated with our imaging centre , we are even able to perform same day CT scans for the coronary arteries and cardiac MRI ’ s to determine cardiac function .
We have a specially-designed and dedicated waiting area for women and can conduct PAP smears and mammograms for women , as well as ultrasounds of the breast , abdomen and pelvis for a complete women ’ s checkup in privacy .
DENTISTRY We offer a range of dental services and , in addition to basic preventive dentistry , our dental specialists also provide more complex treatments such as implant placement , bone grafts involving the use of platelet-rich plasma and smile makeovers using 3D computer-assisted technology . Our dental surgeons perform cosmetic periodontal surgery to correct gummy smiles and work closely with the plastic surgical and medical aesthetic team to create the desired look – a winning smile as part of a well-proportioned face and chiselled jawline .
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