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The Singapore Brain Spine Nerves Center is a highly specialised clinical centre for the treatment of all brain , spine , and nervous system disorders .
Its specialist doctor is accredited by the leading private hospitals in Singapore and across Southeast Asia . Patients who require surgical procedures are treated by the centre ’ s staff at Mount Elizabeth Hospital , where the practice is located , as well as Mount Elizabeth Novena and Gleneagles hospitals . The latest diagnostic and treatment facilities are available at these locations , including PET-MRI scanning , 3 Tesla MRI scanning , 320-Slice 3D CT Scanning , and fully equipped operating theatres with trained staff .
The centre ’ s medical director is Dr Prem Pillay , a senior consultant specialist neurosurgeon , who previously worked for many years at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital , one of the leading facilities in the world , where he became the chief resident neurosurgeon and won awards for his research .
He is an expert in minimally invasive brain and spine surgery and nonsurgical methods for a comprehensive range of spine disorders . He treats a variety of spine disorders that cause back pain , neck pain , sciatica , and limb weakness , using both minimally invasive spine surgery as well as advanced spine injections . He coordinates multidisciplinary advance spine care for his patients with physiotherapists and other staff .
Dr Pillay graduated from the National University of Singapore Medical School , where he received the Singapore Medical Association medal for be-
Dr Prem Pillay
ing one of the top students in his class . He served as a military doctor during his national service and was a senior surgeon at a combat hospital during his reservist period .
During his surgical career , he was the head of the neurosurgery department and senior consultant neurosurgeon at Singapore General Hospital and was involved in the teaching and training of medical students , young doctors , and neurosurgical trainees .
He has introduced many new neurosurgical techniques in Singapore and across Asia , including image-guided surgery , 3D microsurgery , radiosurgery , neuro endoscopy , and pain treatments . He received the Mahaley Award for his innovative work in endoscopic surgery and served on the spine committee of the World Federation of Neurological Surgeons .
The centre ’ s mission is to provide high quality brain and spine care for the relief of headaches , back pain and neck pain , pain in the limbs and extremities , and numbness and weakness caused by brain tumours , brain and spine injury , spinal slipped discs , stenosis , spondylosis , and nerve disorders . This is done using a scientifically proven and medically effective approach to treatment to relieve pain and disability and return patients quickly to their daily lives .
The centre offers specialist brain and spine checks with scans , minimally invasive brain and spine surgery , and non-surgical brain and spine day procedures . Also available are spine microsurgery and endoscopic surgery for slipped discs and brain and spinal tumour treatment using laser , ultrasonics , and robotics .
The centre ’ s medical director also uses Linac-based and Gamma Knife radiosurgery for brain tumours , arteriovenous malformations , trigeminal neuralgia , and spine tumours . Children are cared for with paediatric neurosurgery , while stroke microsurgery and less invasive interventions are also accommodated .
The Singapore Brain Spine Nerves Center provides telemedicine consultations with specialists and offers specialist second opinions for all brain , spine , and nerve system problems .
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