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Dr Mustafa Mohammed Taher has been recognised as one of the best bariatric surgeons in the Asia-Pacific at the 2021 Global Health Asia-Pacific Healthcare & Medical Tourism Awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur . The event showed Dr Mustafa ’ s commitment as one of the healthcare players in the Asia-Pacific region who have demonstrated consistent standards in healthcare , especially in bariatric surgery , and have helped patients throughout their journey for a better lifestyle and a good health condition . Dr Mustafa , who is the Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon practicing at CENGILD Medical Centre , has performed more than 2000 bariatric surgeries at the private practice for the past three years . Most of Dr Mustafa ’ s patients previously had an obesity and overweight problem that caused many health complications and restrictions in their daily activities . From 2019 National Health and Morbidity Survey , 50.1 percent of the adult population in Malaysia were reported to be overweight ( 30.4 percent ) or obese ( 19.7 percent ). This statistic is very worrying as obesity is a risk factor for many diseases .
With the bariatric surgery performed by Dr Mustafa , they managed to get a second chance for a good life by having better health and increasing their physical capabilities . Bariatric surgery not only managed to help them to reduce their weight and give them more confidence in performing their daily duties , but it has also corrected their diabetes and hypertension problems which they struggled with for many years . It also improved
Dr Mustafa Mohamed Taher Al-Khafaji
tremendously sleep apnoea , infertility problems , asthma , panic attacks , depression , knee pain , and back pain .
Most of overweight patients will have some kinds of reflux problems , which is a leading cause for cancer transformation in the oesophagus or stomach . Bariatric surgery can resolve this problem permanently .
Infertility and recurrence abortion due to Polycystic ovarian syndrome ( PCOS ) are other problems that can be improved by bariatric surgery by adjusting the hormonal imbalance and reducing the fat load in the body .
From Dr Mustafa ’ s social media account ( Instagram and TikTok ), we can see that all his patients are grateful for his help in their bariatric surgery journey . His personalised service is appreciated by his patients because he can be contacted through his personal phone number for easier communication . Another important factor in helping patients in their bariatric journey is to have a very good support group . Dr Mustafa ’ s bariatric patients have taken their own initiatives by setting up their own support group led by Chef Bob , who had a second chance in life after his surgery . He has been on a wheelchair for three years and had been living on illazarov ( using steel to support his legs ) because of his severe obesity problem . Miraculously , Chef Bob has managed to lose 130 kg within one year after the surgery and he is now leading a normal life again .
Obesity is actually a pandemic problem with a new global term like globesity or diabesity , which reflect higher numbers of diabetes patients with poorer sugar control , which increases the cost of these chronic diseases . Malaysia is the country in Southeast Asia with the poorest rate of sugar control in diabetic patients due to the quality of food and lifestyle .
Bariatric surgery gives us permanent weight loss solutions and have helped a lot of Malaysians as well as international patients who have come to see Dr Mustafa from other parts of the globe . Our mission is to fight against obesity by increasing health awareness around obesity , which is a dangerous disease but it is fortunately treatable . Anyone interested can follow Dr
Mustafa IG @ dr . mustafamt .
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