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Malaysia is expected to undergo significant social and demographic changes in the coming years .
In addition to a larger , ageing population , our health service will face numerous challenges from chronic disease , health-related risk behaviours , and increased health challenges within specific communities .
First Ambulance is prominently the first point of contact for many private healthcare clients , because we ’ re an essential part of the overall patient care continuum .
Operating 24 hours a day , seven days a week , we are trusted by the community to respond effectively and provide prehospital care services to those in need when it is most needed .
To ensure that our patients and the community continue to receive timely and high-quality care , First Ambulance solutions are designed to be agile and scalable in times of need .
Our ability to meet changing demand is further influenced by our ability to utilise our resources most efficiently , as well as our ability to leverage new technologies where there is a benefit to improve disaster preparedness in our communities .
First Ambulance ’ s efforts in patient-centered collaboration with hospital partners are recognised by the ambulance services of the year award . We are proud of how our people have responded to this year ’ s challenges .
This honour will inspire us to raise our standards as we improve the lives of our community and environment .
Mr Justin Penafort and Mr Steven Penafort
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