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What does it takes to make a hair transplant surgeon ? A hair transplant surgeon needs passion as much as professional skills . We always want our patient to feel secure to walk in our clinic and walk out in confidence . We want them to have that proud moment meeting the highly trained professionals with years of experience .
Dozens hair transplant clinics have sprung all over the country and patients have been overwhelmed with choices . Our advice is to do some research before making any decision because it involves your most important body parts and you may want to place your scalp in very capable hands .
Dr Shah Hair Clinic was founded by Dr Shaharom Sulaiman . After obtaining a medical degree from National University of Malaysia ( UKM ), he served in Malaysian Medical Core as military doctor for ten years . He took a big change in his career to become a hair transplant specialist .
Dr Shah Hair Clinic offers treatments for all hair loss related issues such as medically-caused alopecia ( hair loss ), scarring alopecia anagen or telogen alopecia , aside from androgenetic alopecia . Dr Shah Hair Clinic is also specialised in facial , chest and beard hair transplant and eye brow hair restoration .
As quality control is the most important factor in the medical and health sector , Dr Shah Hair Clinic never compromises on quality . We spent a great deal of time and effort building
Dr Shaharom Sulaiman
systematic processes and sourcing for the best and latest treatments and technologies offered by the industry . As the industry is very competitive , Dr Shah Hair Clinic always ensures that they are equipped with the most up-to-date skills and equipment . To be competitive , Dr Shah himself has done a lot of research , met lot of surgeons in the same industries , seen many practices and attended courses before he could transfer his skills to other colleagues .
Dr Shah Hair Clinic functions as a patient advisor , therefore , our main focus is to ensure the voice of our patients is being heard and services rendered positively impacting lives of others . We believe achieving resultoriented goals is always a two way effort between us and our patient , it is a partnership .
Being a trusted brand means we need to execute on that purpose responsibly . The key factor in building patients trust and confidence is doing our job with integrity and honesty as we believe patients satisfaction is crucial for any service provider .
To this end , maintaining good communication with our patients and improving the standard of service are very important . In this regard , we can say that our workforce are the most important individuals who make the patient experience look fantastic . Therefore , we always make sure that we provide the most excellent training to our doctors . Performing state-of-the art hair transplant surgery needs a team of qualified doctors .
An award recognition implies a greater responsibility on a winner . We have to consistently provide excellent care . With hair transplant surgery becoming more popular in today ’ s fastgrowing , brand-driven industry , Dr Shah Hair Clinic proudly sits on top of the list of many celebrities and public figures all around Malaysia .
Dr Shaharom Sulaiman is a member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and Life Member of The Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons ( AAHRS ). Our clinic is fully dedicated to hair transplant services and also provides consultation branches throughout Malaysia .
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