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With its roots in body sculpting , the Amaris B . clinic has been providing surgical body sculpting and medical aesthetics services for more than a decade and a half . From its humble beginnings in 2004 , it has accumulated a wealth of experience , industry recognition , and awards .
Choosing an experienced doctor with a good artistic sense for body sculpting treatments should be a priority for patients who are looking to achieve a dream body . They should look for an expert who is able to envision the most natural look that complements a body structure .
Dr Ivan Puah , Amaris B .’ s founder and medical director , who is widely recognised for his achievements in the field of body sculpting and aesthetic medicine , believes that medical aesthetics is 30 percent science and 70 percent art . To him , enhancing specific areas of the anatomy to achieve a desired figure is similar to how artists use tools to craft their masterpieces .
With more than two decades in medical practice , of which 17 years have been spent performing body and facial sculpting and medical aesthetics , Dr Puah uses this artistic approach in his practice of facial and body contouring . The technology he uses , together with his years of experience , results in a sculpted natural-looking physique to the face and body .
The clinic is located in a three-storey conservation shophouse in Singapore ’ s Kampong Glam tourist district .
Dr Ivan Puah , medical director , Amaris B . Clinic
Since its opening , words of mouth and referral have attracted an exclusive patient base consisting of Singaporeans , expats , and medical tourists from the Asia-Pacific , the United States , Europe , and the Middle East to visit the clinic .
Amaris B . works with integrity and honesty in providing ethical care and advice to its patients and commits to offer complete customer service satisfaction , as evidenced by the number of its awards .
Its signature treatments include body contouring and enhancement procedures such as VASER liposuction , VASER hi-def liposuction , gynaecomastia surgery , and facial / and body fat grafting , as well as facial injectables . It also provides a number of other facial , skin , and body medical aesthetics treatments . The clinic has a special interest in weight management , fitness , and body sculpting . Dr Puah believes that patients will enjoy the benefits of having healthier and more sculpted bodies with Amaris B .’ s non-invasive patented vacuum and compression therapy after VASER liposuction . This approach is only available at Amaris B .
Over the years , many international gynaecomastia doctors have taken to different types of surgical techniques which play a significant role in the end-result for the patient . Having undergone dedicated training in gynaecomastia surgery in the United States , Dr Puah has further refined his surgical skills and developed a 360-degree glandular tissue dissection technique , which not only reduces the invasiveness of the procedure , surgical side effects such as haematoma and scarring , it also produces a more defined and sculpted chest for his patients .
With his years of clinical experiences , Dr Puah has further developed and refined his body sculpting approach in body sculpting such as liposuction . This MDC-Sculpt lipo technique allows thorough fat removal on the treatment area while sculpting the body in a precise manner . In this way , the technique constitutes a more desirable cosmetic outcome as scarring is reduced to a minimum .
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