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From a humble beginning of five staff members in 2015 , Klinik Dr Inder is today a leading premier aesthetic and hair transplant clinic located in Petaling Jaya , Malaysia , with a staff of more than 20 people . Founded by Datuk Dr Inder , a leading aesthetic doctor with over 20 years of experience , Klinik Dr Inder believes that success is a collective work of the staff , who have to listen to patients and customise every treatment while paying attention to small details that make the difference and providing a world class safe environment and procedures for patients .
We believe our patient deserves the best and our manta is simply to provide ultimate patient satisfaction by achieving the best possible results . At Klinik Dr Inder , we don ’ t simply see aesthetic and hair transplant as a medical treatment . We look at it as medical craftsmanship at its best . We combine the latest technology , with skilful well-trained staff to ensure our patients get the most optimal results . We have recently trademarked our signature treatments . We call it iPlus ®, a short abbreviation for Inder Plus . iPlus ® treatments at Klinik Dr Inder are special customised treatments that we have designed from our years of experience .
This is the second year in a row that we are being awarded by Global Health Asia-Pacific . Our hard work of establishing the clinic , training our staff , listening to our patient is now blessed by this special Award . We thank all our
Datuk Dr Inder
patient for the trust and support they have given us . This award couple with positive reviews that we receive every week gives us the special boast to work harder and go for the extra mile to bring new innovative ideas to always position Klinik Dr Inder as the leading Aesthetic and Hair Transplant Clinic in the region .
Klinik Dr Inder ability to adapt to the changing landscape in the aesthetic and hair transplant field and constantly improving the way we communicate and chart our patient experience with us is key to our success . We are developing apps where our patients feel we are extending our care to them beyond our boundaries . Quality healthcare is simply not limited to the day of procedure . Aesthetic treatments do take time to produce the most optimal results . At Klinik Dr Inder , we believe the treatment starts from the very first day of consultation . Each patient is different . Special care and attention is paid to patient needs and our treatments are customised for our patients . Our aim is to give our patient a feeling that we are there right beside them all the time throughout their aesthetic and hair transplant journey with us .
Klinik Dr Inder is now embarking on its growth plans to open a new state of art centre in Kuala Lumpur city centre to cater for the medical tourism market . We are indeed excited and very optimistic with the opportunity that lies ahead of us .
Klinik Dr Inder recently started to produce research papers to share our knowledge and experience with fellow aesthetic practitioners worldwide . We are proud that our paper titled Treating Hair Loss Caused By Synthetic Hair Implant was recently published by International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery ( ISHRS ) Forum Volume 31 issue September / October . This is a new milestone for Malaysian aesthetic doctors who specialise in hair transplant . Datuk Dr Inder is the first Malaysian doctor to have a paper published in this forum .
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