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Empowering you with skin confidence The strive for the “ perfect ” skin and body is an avid struggle tied to selfconfidence . Your self-esteem heavily influences the way you see yourself , your life choices , and other decisions .
In reality , everyone ’ s ideal skin is different , just as everyone ’ s fingerprints , personality and lifestyle are unique . From the delicate skin around the eyes to the colour in your cheeks or freckles , real skin is much more interesting and varied than an airbrushed image . Whatever your vision of ideal skin is , on a good skin day , you ’ re more likely to want to meet people , take on the world and enjoy yourself .
Sebum naturally keeps your skin protected and hydrated . But trouble arises when your sebaceous glands are over or under produced , triggered by factors such as extreme dry conditions , hormonal imbalances , diet , or even the wrong products . This results in expanded , unsightly pores , trapped dead skin and excess oil . And while makeup can help to cover up , it ’ s only a mask for the true problem at hand . Dull skin , hyperpigmented skin and acne also leave negative ingrains . Family and friends may not fully understand the personal struggle . Sometimes , even mild breakouts can make you feel less confident . Studies have shown that people with common skin conditions , like acne , experience the same level of social , psychological , and emotional ramifications as those with chronic health problems . Maybe healthy skin won ’ t solve your dating woes or get you a raise at work , but
Mr Narender Panjwani & Dr Vicki Leong
it can give you the confidence to put yourself out there .
UVA rays can break down collagen and elastin , weakening skin ’ s structure . Underlying tissues may shrink , pulling pores downwards , causing sagging and larger pores . Repeated sun damage , dramatically increases your risk of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer . This is why wearing sunblock both indoors and outdoors is so important .
Trauma to the skin can result in scarring when collagen reproduction to heal wounds is imbalanced . Some scars , more noticeable , become a source of embarrassment . Fortunately , non-ablative laser treatments can help heat your skin ’ s inner layer promoting collagen production and generate new skin cells to replace damaged cells .
When it comes to your skincare battles , you don ’ t have to fight them alone . Apart from our extensive range of FDA-approved treatments , VID- ASKIN offers professional personalised consultations and carries a highly effective and advanced range of unique skincare . Her latest brand , “ ASTRAA ,” is a collection of youth elixirs that includes a full series of cleansers , serums , essence , creams and even SPF .
Founded in 2015 and led by Dr Vicki , VIDASKIN Medical Aesthetic Clinic is currently one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Singapore . Dr Vicki is also a key opinion leader and trainer for some prestigious brands and treatments .
With Dr Vicki ’ s impeccable skills and her team made of warm and meticulous therapists , VIDASKIN is a popular choice for most . Offering a wide range of quality and trusted treatments ranging from technologically advanced ablative to non-ablative laser therapy , medical grade intense pulsed light treatments , Botox and filler injections as well as skin tightening and fat freezing treatments . Patients can also relax and rejuvenate with the extensive range of luxurious facial treatments , body therapies and bespoke peels from VIDASKIN ’ s Peel Bar .
Everyone has something they desire to improve , whether it ’ s the shape of your nose or your skin ’ s quality . We want to empower you to live confidently in your own skin by helping you reach your skin ’ s fullest potential . Now , take charge , be empowered and live confidently in your own skin .
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