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The role women play in society is ever expanding , often juggling a fulfilling career and family life . With that , it is vital for the modern women today to pay attention to their health and wellness . “ It ’ s crucial that every woman has access to knowledge related to the spectrum of women ’ s health issues , not only about her reproductive system , but about all aspects of her body ,” says TMC Fertility Centre ’ s CEO , Irene Kwan . “ This is why at TMC Fertility , besides the regular Obstetrics & Gynaecological services offered , we ’ ve taken a more holistic approach and started to include more services for women ’ s health and wellness such as dietetic services , complementary therapies , emotional health support , and genomic screenings . Together , this will translate to a more positive outcome for our patient health and wellness .”
Going for an IVF treatment can be a daunting , emotional journey . At TMC Fertility , our focus is doing things right the first time . By using genomic screenings , we are able to accurately identify possible infertility genes , hereditary conditions , and other genetic conditions that affect a person ’ s response to fertility treatments . This enables our specialists to develop safe and effective treatment plans tailored to each individual thus enhancing treatment success rates . Coupled with that , women can also learn more about their current genetic conditions that may affect their ability to conceive and mitigate the risk of passing down genetic disorders to their children . TMC Fertility also offers dietetic services and healthy weigh packages to further assist our patients to increase their chances of treatment success through a holistic diet and weight loss plan . As a whole , this will
Irene Kwan
further improve their fertility journey .
As the pandemic rages on , dreams of having a family are put on hold . The fear of contracting the virus is causing more couples to delay their fertility treatments . To help alleviate this fear , TMC Fertility has introduced virtual consultations and other contactless processes such as home medication delivery , and drive-through blood tests to minimise contact . Patients are able to continue with their regular specialist consultations , as well as fertility counselling virtually , in the comfort of their own home . Regular public forums are also hosted digitally to continue to educate patients about fertility , women ’ s health and the COVID-19 pandemic . With this , patients are able to make informed decisions to continue with their fertility treatment and also to improve women ’ s health and wellness .
We recognise that women ’ s healthcare is a very personal experience and that choosing the right provider is one of the most important decisions one can make . With decades of experience , multiple locations , outstanding patient support team , stringent standard operating procedures , advanced medical technologies , and a holistic approach to treatment , TMC Fertility is certainly positioned as the preferred woman ’ s healthcare provider for patients out there who are looking to improve their physical wellness and emotional well-being through treatment of common women ’ s health issues and assisted reproductive treatments , especially within the Asia- Pacific region .
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