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As one of the leading healthcare providers in the Asia-Pacific region , Mount Elizabeth Hospital ( MEH ) is supported by integrated healthcare facilities , with a skilled and experienced team adept at handling various complex medical conditions .
One such complex condition is liver disease . A number of treatments are available for liver disease and liver cancer , including medications and surgery to remove a portion of the liver . When such treatment options are no longer effective , a liver transplant may be the only option for patients with end-stage liver disease .
The liver has a remarkable ability to regenerate itself , which means a living donor can give a portion of their healthy liver to a patient . The livers of both the donor and recipient will regrow , and regain full function within four to six weeks . This provides patients with a higher chance of gaining a new lease of life . It also makes the process of finding a suitable donor liver easier , as critically-ill patients can undergo dialysis ( liver filtration ) while preparing for liver transplantation and not wait indefinitely for cadaveric liver donors .
Living donor liver transplantation can only happen through the combined efforts of multi-disciplinary medical and surgical specialists working in tandem to care for both the patient and donor . At MEH , the team comprises specialist surgeons , doctors , nurses , allied health professionals and transplant coordinators who are adept in all aspects of liver care – from highly complex living donor liver transplants and liver dialysis , to the management of patients with liver cirrhosis and even hepatitis vaccinations .
Besides a comprehensive range of clinical offerings , the team believes in achiev- ing the best possible clinical outcomes for patients . What stands out is the personal touch with which they handle each patient . The medical team is alongside at every step of the patient ’ s therapeutic journey , ensuring they are well-prepared and supported from pre-surgery preparation to post-transplant recovery , with utmost care and precision .
The seamless high-quality care that patients receive requires a well-coordinated clinical protocol . As transplant patients are more vulnerable to infections due to their weakened immune systems , MEH allows them to focus on their recovery in the intensive care unit ( ICU ), which has a special airflow system that prevents most airborne viruses and bacteria from entering the rooms .
The entire transplantation process is also thoroughly vetted and regulated in line with national regulations . All living donor liver transplants performed in Singapore have to be approved by the Transplant Eth-
ics Committee , a legal requirement under Singapore ’ s Human Organ Transplant Act to prevent human organ trade .
Even in times of a global pandemic like COVID-19 , the MEH transplant team remains dedicated to serving the needs of patients . Understanding many regional patients were unable to travel and receive access to timely treatment to manage their liver conditions , MEH ’ s team of doctors has been actively reaching out to support patients through emails and video calls . There are also regular webinars and educational talks organised for patients to learn more about the topics of liver disease , management , and transplantation .
While waiting for the global situation to stabilise and the borders to reopen , MEH will continue to engage patients , support their well-being , and pursue excellence as a transplant service provider .
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