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Spine surgery is a combination of art and science . Advancements in spine surgery over the years have enabled surgeons to draw up increasingly customised courses of treatment for patients and play a pivotal role in their recovery .
At Gleneagles Hospital Singapore ( GEH ), surgical innovation is embraced alongside modern diagnostic tools and treatment facilities . These , combined with the skills and expertise of orthopaedic specialists , are central to GEH ’ s track record in providing spine patients with exceptional care and first-rate treatment outcomes .
A consistently high standard of care is accorded to patients undergoing spine treatment at GEH . For example , operating theatres are equipped with modern imaging technology and navigation systems , which guide surgeons to place implants successfully while reducing radiation exposure . This leads to a reduced risk of complications and nerve injuries , as surgical procedures can be completed safely and accurately .
The hospital is also home to some of the more recognised spine specialists in the Asia-Pacific . Backed by decades of clinical research and experience , GEH ’ s spine surgeons perform computer-navigated , minimally invasive as well as complex surgeries to treat the whole spectrum of spinal conditions .
One of the key areas of expertise is in minimally invasive spine surgery . Like open surgery , minimally invasive spine surgery offers good recovery outcomes – but with significant advantages including reduced blood loss , less post-operative pain , and lower risk of scarring and infections . Patients experience shorter downtimes and can return to mobility more quickly .
Minimally invasive surgery has proven effective in the treatment of spinal conditions such as degenerative disc disease , disc herniation and spinal stenosis . It can also be used in the treatment of complex spinal conditions such as grade 2 to 3 spondylolisthesis , spinal deformities and revision surgeries . Orthopaedic spine surgeons at GEH are well-versed and trained in minimally invasive surgery from world-established institutions , which allows them to safely and confidently handle the complexities that are characteristic of treating spinal disorders and deformities .
Beyond surgical interventions , GEH supports patients with continual care throughout their treatment journey . From perioperative care to post-surgical followup , GEH ’ s spine surgeons coordinate closely with a multidisciplinary team of doctors , nurses and allied health professionals to look after the welfare and evolving needs of patients .
At GEH , the commitment is always to provide optimal solutions for each and every patient . No matter the severity of their condition , patients can be assured that the GEH orthopaedic spine team has got their back .
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