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At Gleneagles Hospital Singapore ( GEH ), respiratory physicians play an indispensable role in the care of patients with diseases affecting the airways and lungs .
Respiratory conditions can range from relatively simple problems like asthma and chronic cough to more complex diseases like pneumonia and lung cancer . To ensure patients receive all-rounded holistic care in their journey towards healing and recovery , GEH ’ s respiratory-trained intensivists adopt a multidisciplinary approach that spans various specialities and even allied health services .
The specialists are also trained in intensive care medicine – a medical subspeciality that deals with the diagnosis and management of patients who are critically ill , such as those with serious organ failure .
GEH ’ s respiratory physicians believe in honing their skills and are constantly on the lookout for current technology and innovative methods that can help save patients from life-threatening diseases . The extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ( ECMO ) treatment , for example , has been adopted at GEH since 2002 as a clinical intervention .
This procedure has proved to be effective in resuscitating patients who have lost consciousness due to respiratory or cardiac arrest . ECMO circulates the patient ’ s blood through a device that removes carbon dioxide from the blood and adds oxygen , before subsequently returning it back to the patient ’ s body . This bypasses the functions performed by the heart and lungs , allowing these vital organs a measure of rest . It serves as a bridge to recovery while the doctors focus on treating other underlying issues .
To date , more than 80 patients have ben- efitted from ECMO intervention at GEH .
The hospital has also refurbished its endoscopy suites and is able to provide C-arm fluoroscopy with radiographic capabilities for patients . Fluoroscopic intraoperative imaging is used during surgical and emergency care procedures to provide high-resolution X-ray images in real time , allowing the surgeon to monitor progress and make any necessary corrections efficiently . It also enhances the effectiveness of GEH ’ s respiratory physicians in therapeutic studies like percutaneous transthoracic lung biopsies , where diagnostic accuracy , sensitivity , and specificity are imperative .
To cater to the needs of young patients , GEH also has a neonatal intensive care unit ( NICU ) where premature newborns can receive specialised care in a safe environ- ment . Services include newborn screening , high-risk and birth defect consultations , and neuro-developmental follow-ups for premature babies .
GEH is committed to stand on the side of patients when it comes to their treatment and care . The hospital ’ s Intensive Care Unit makes no compromises in the care of all patients , and strives to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for patients , their families , and visitors . With 16 beds in the unit , the hospital is confident of meeting the needs of all patients across the spectrum of critical conditions .
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