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Orthopaedics Surgery Services is one of the Centers of Excellence in Prince Court Medical Centre . We offer a onestop centre to care for musculoskeletal injuries and diseases . Our Orthopaedics Surgery Department houses 14 consultant orthopaedic surgeons with the following sub-specialities :
• Orthopaedic Trauma ( includes 24 / 7 Emergency Care )
• Spine Surgery
• Interventional Pain Management
• Arthroscopy & Sports Surgery
• Arthroplasty
• Foot and Ankle Surgery
• Lower Limb Reconstructive Surgery and Diabetic Foot Care
• Orthopaedics Oncology for Musculoskeletal Cancers
• Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery
• Hand and Microsurgery
Since 2009 , our orthopaedic surgeons have employed innovative surgical techniques and the latest medical technology when it comes to treating our patients to ensure we deliver only the best in medical care . Some of the highlights are :
• Arthroscopy & Sports Surgery . Surgery of the joints are done with all-arthroscopic technique using keyholes in contrast to mini-open or open surgery . This less-invasive surgery is performed for examples in shoulder rotator cuff repair , knee cruciate ligament reconstruction and meniscus repair . We are also adept in hip arthroscopy in the management of hip condition such as femoroacetabular impingement , acetabular labral tear etc .
• Computer Assisted Surgery ( CAS ). Also known as ‘ Navigation Surgery ”, this is a computer-based surgical technique that
Cindy Choe , CEO PCMC
uses 3D imaging and real time infrared tracking during surgery . With CAS offering better visualisation , improved accuracy , consistency in surgical precision , optimal implant alignment , arthroplasty such as total knee replacement is found to have better long term outcome .
• Wide-awake Local Anaesthesia No Tourniquet ( WALANT ). Our hand and microsurgery service offers wide-awake anaesthetic technique during fine surgery on hand and forearm . This allows patient to be fully awake during operative procedures without sedation or general anaesthesia . As no sedative or anaesthetic drug is used patient may not experience its side effects . Not only a faster post-operative recovery period is expected , it is also safe and cost-efficient .
• Limb Lengthening and Reconstructive Surgery . Our orthopaedic surgeons apply knowledge in advance trauma and biology , using various surgical techniques such as osteotomy , external fixation as well as internal fixation , to correct limb deformity and joint contracture . This approach coaxes the body ’ s own healing potential to achieve targeted growth of new bones as well as the skin , muscles , ligaments , blood vessels , and nerves that surround the bones . This advanced technique is usually done in the cases of limb lengthening , deformity correction , and treatment of bone defects , infection , and nonunions in both adults and children .
• Corrective Surgery for Congenital Deformities . Our paediatric orthopaedic surgeons as well as hand surgeons are also well-versed and adept in reconstruction for congenital conditions of fingers and hands , and correction of deformities affecting upper and lower limbs in both children and adults .
• Satellite Rehabilitation Unit . The unit is nestled within our dedicated orthopaedic ward as part of Prince Court Medical Centre ’ s stringent protocol in the protection of the safety and wellbeing of all our patients and staff in the COVID pandemic .
In addition to our comprehensive orthopaedic services in the prevention , diagnosis , and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases , Prince Court Medical Centre also provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to aid our esteemed patients in their recovery . A team of rehabilitative medicine specialists , physiotherapists , and occupational therapists work in tandem with our orthopaedic surgeons . Our rehabilitation centre also supports other disciplines such as neurology rehabilitation , cardio-rehabiltation , obstetrics and gynaecology related rehabilitation and more . We understand that every patient has different needs , so our medical experts provide customised rehabilitation programmes for both adults and children to ensure they experience the best possible outcome .
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