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So you ’ ve got cataracts ? What now ? Are you struggling to enjoy your favourite Netflix shows ? Do you stay home more often when the sun goes down , or do you notice that you reject social invitations because your cloudy eyesight doesn ’ t make you feel safe ? If you are over 50 years old , you may have cataracts .
Cataract is a degenerative condition in which the lenses become cloudy and vision is impaired and this cannot be corrected by eyeglasses , contact lenses , or refractive surgery .
How safe is cataract surgery ? Are you afraid of the idea of seeing your doctor ? Modern cataract surgery should not be deemed as a nuisance as it is one of the safest and most effective surgeries performed today .
Cataract treatment is a common procedure performed by removing a cloudy lens through a small incision in the cornea and replacing it with a biocompatible synthetic lens . It may sound harrowing , but it ’ s a quick and very comfortable procedure with excellent results .
The best part of modern cataract surgery is that most patients can significantly reduce their reliance on eyeglasses after surgery . These include correction of existing myopia , hyperopia , astigmatism , and presbyopia .
This means that for most Singapore patients the lack of eyeglasses can be a dream come true after cataract surgery .
But doctor , which lens is ideal for me ? A major advance in cataract surgery should be the variety of intraocular lens ( IOL ) options available to all patients . Given the
excellent results of surgery , we often advise patients that the choice of IOL to insert is more important than the decision to actually have surgery on their own .
Single focus IOL ’ s A . For patients who are willing to wear spectacles , the choice of single focus intraocular lens is generally preferred . The latest singlefocus intraocular lenses with an aspherical design provides excellent visual quality but only for one focus point , either for distance or for near . Due to the widespread use of mobile phones in modern life , the need to wear reading glasses can be a major drawback . A common strategy for optimal vision quality and convenience without the need for reading glasses is to choose a monovision correction where one eye is corrected for distance and the other eye corrected for near work . Although it may sound unusual , this strategy is commonly performed on young presbyopia patients using a variety of modalities such as eyeglasses , contact lenses , and refractive surgery . This allows the patient to obtain clear vision for near work without wearing reading glasses .
Multifocal IOL ’ s B . There are a variety of advanced presbyopia-corrected intraocular lenses that allow patients to improve intermediate / near vision whilst maintaining good distance vision . There are two main categories of such lenses . The first is a similar IOL lens design with the use of a diffractive rings that allow the patient to see multiple focal points clearly ( distance , intermediate , near ). Such lenses provide the convenience of distance , intermediate and near vision without the need for reading glasses . Patients should be aware that the main drawbacks of this category of lenses include glare and halo , which can be debilitating , especially in dark places .
The second related category is the Extended Depth of Field ( EDoF ) lens category , which uses a new ecchelet design for IOL rings . EDoF lenses provide patients with a smoother transition from the intended focal point , giving them an added depth of vision with would otherwise not be there if a monofocal IOL was used . These lenses have their drawbacks including glare and halo side effects in dimly lit areas and near vision may not be as good as with the use of a multifocal lens .
Important tips There are many new and exciting options for patients to be free of glasses after cataract surgery . Take the time and effort to consult a cataract surgeon and fully understand which strategy is best for you . The surgeon will perform a detailed medical history and examination to determine your suitability of the various IOLs to meet your visual needs . Visit our website at www . eagleeyecentre . com . sg for more information .
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