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When Parkway Cancer Centre ( PCC ) was established in 2006 , its doctors had a vision : to create a one-stop outpatient centre for multidisciplinary cancer care .
This year , as the centre celebrates its 15th anniversary , its mission remains unwavering : to provide a comprehensive and integrated premier cancer service that is patient-focused , with utmost care , comfort and compassion .
Cancer is a complex disease . Because it afflicts every patient differently , treatment strategies have to be tailored accordingly . Oncologists at PCC adopt a holistic approach to cancer care , working closely with a multidisciplinary team consisting of radiologists , pathologists and surgeons to deliver tried-and-true therapies backed by modern technology and medical innovation .
Advancements in the realm of medical oncology are tipping the scales in the patient ’ s favour . Equipped with an arsenal of medicines growing in range and effectiveness , PCC ’ s oncologists are more proficient than ever in achieving optimal outcomes for cancer patients . Cytotoxic chemotherapy , targeted therapy , immunotherapy and personalised medicine are just some of the more promising anti-cancer treatments that offer improved overall results with reduced or no side effects .
Cytotoxic chemotherapy are medicines that are either injected or taken orally to treat cancers . They work by interfering with the ability of cancer cells to grow and divide . Targeted therapy involves the use of specific drugs to block key genetic pathways in cancerous tumours . As these drugs are specific to the cancer signalling pathways , there will be less damage to normal healthy tissue .
Immunotherapy is a type of cancer medication that harnesses the body ’ s own immune system to fight cancer . As it does not directly destroy cells , the side effects of immunotherapy are less than that of cytotoxic chemotherapy .
The same tumour in different individuals may harbour different genetic mutations , resulting in differences in response and resistance in the same treatment . In personalised medicine , blood or tumour tissues from the patient are collected and sequenced to look for specific cancer-causing genes , which enables doctors to understand the cancer and make treatment decisions customised to each patient .
For patients who require advanced care , bone marrow or stem cell transplantations are also available . PCC houses the highest concentration of haematologists in private practice in Singapore , many of whom have extensive experience in autologous and allogenic transplants for adult and paediatric patients . Together , they cover a wide range of niche subspecialities – from stem
cell transplants to malignant haematology ( which deals with leukaemia , myeloma and lymphoma conditions ), benign haematology ( which deals with platelet or coagulation disorders and anaemias ), as well as lab-based haematology ( which involves flowcytometry analysis and stem cell banking ).
Having such a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatments has been proven to yield good clinical outcomes . To further complement this , PCC also looks after the psychosocial health and overall wellness of patients . Allied health professionals are constantly on hand to tend to patients ’ needs . Counsellors provide emotional and psychological support for coping with cancer , while dietitians develop nutrition plans to boost patients ’ immunity and mitigate the side effects from cancer therapies .
The battle against cancer may not be an easy one , but patients will always be empowered by the quality of care , trusted therapies and warm service at Parkway Cancer Centre .
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