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A one stop centre for Men ’ s Health – Prince Court Medical Centre (“ PCMC ”)’ s Urology & Men ’ s Health department has become one of the preferred choices of our patients in seeking medical treatment from our experience urologists . Under the speciality of urology , a wide range of urological tract treatments for urinary stones ( affecting kidney , ureter or urinary bladder ), infections and cancer care for both male and female are available . There is also a built-in daycare centre for patients to receive consultation , treatment and recuperate all in one area for their convenience .
Additionally , medical care towards men ’ s health related to the male reproductive system has grown and evolved especially in PCMC . Many male patients have to live with chronic conditions and this affects the overall quality of life in terms of physical , emotional and mental wellbeing . Proper management and treatments are key for men to lead a better and comfortable life .
The team at PCMC understands these issues and offers a one-stop centre for men to seek treatments in a comfortable , private and safe environment that are also attended by our urologists . For men ’ s health , we offer a spectrum of treatments that address prostate health , “ andropause ”, infertility and sexual dysfunction . These include :
• Enlarged Prostate ( BPH )
• Prostatitis
• Male infertility
• Low testosterone
• Prostate Cancer
• Testicular anomalies and testicular cancer
• Sexually transmitted infections
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Varicocele ligation
Cindy Choe , CEO PCMC
We have a well-rounded team of doctors – each with their own special skills set that will cover the entire spectrum of urology and male reproductive conditions , including advanced sub-speciality procedures such as :
• Penile curvature correction
• Laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery
• Artificial urinary sphincter
• Management of renal stones by ESWL
Some of the key developments for PCMC in the last two years include better management of erectile dysfunction ; Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome ( CPPS ); joint management of male “ andropause ” with the endocrine department ; and prostate cancer diagnostics . Treatments for erectile dysfunction (“ ED ”) have evolved over the years with more non-surgical options available . These include Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (“ LISWT ”) or medication . The suitability of each treatment is dependent on the consultant ’ s assessment of the patients ’ needs and expectations .
For cancer diagnosis , we offer MRI guided Transperineal fusion biopsy . This allows precise sampling of suspect tissue that provides more accurate results . In addition , it also reduces the risk of infections , such as sepsis , as most conventional prostate biopsies are conducted transrectally .
We are also proud to offer the Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction to help with infertility . This procedure has proven to improve sperm retrieval rates in azoospermic men ( no measurable sperm in a man ’ s ejaculate ). It also has a higher chance of obtaining the best quality sperm , retrieving enough sperm to be able to fertilise an egg , and minimising damage to the reproductive organs .
Here , we strive for excellence not just in terms of our clinical practice , but we are aware and fully acknowledge the importance of protecting our patients ’ mental and emotional wellbeing . We want our patients to feel reassured and comfortable when seeking help – and our urologists will guide you carefully through the procedures to ensure you know what to expect . We will continue to employ innovative and groundbreaking techniques and procedures to better serve the community .
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