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Prince Court Medical Centre ’ s (“ PCMC ”) Nephrology unit achieved its first major milestone in February 2009 with the introduction of the haemodialysis programme . In March 2009 , PCMC marked Malaysia ’ s first private hospital Blood Group Compatible (“ ABOc ”) Kidney Transplant , which sparked our Kidney Transplant Programme . By July 2011 , PCMC performed Malaysia ’ s first Blood Group Incompatible (“ ABOi ”) Kidney Transplant for a Philippines couple . They recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary transplant success in July 2021 .
Over the years , PCMC Nephrology Unit has grown into a complete nephrology unit with a team of three nephrologists and two vascular surgeons that now offers a full spectrum of services – ranging from the most common to rare procedures as follows : 1 . Haemodialysis : 21 fully- bedded bays and one isolation room 2 . Hemodiafiltration or HDF : suited for patients with heart disease .
3 . Acute Dialysis : Sustained low-efficiency dialysis or SLED ; Continuous renal replacement therapy ( CRRT ) which is especially useful for patients with low blood pressure or critically ill patients in ICU setting .
4 . Peritoneal Dialysis : Manual or automated peritoneal dialysis .
5 . Kidney Transplants : both blood group compatible , i . e . ABO-compatible , and blood incompatible , i . e . ABO-incompatible .
6 . Paediatric Nephrology Services
Our Nephrology Unit also achieved key milestones from 2020-now :
• The first and ONLY private hospital in Malaysia to license 21 fully-bedded bays
Datuk Dr . Tan Si Yen - Head of Nephrology , Dialysis & Renal Transplant & Dr . Ravindran T . Visvanathan - Senior Consultant Nephrologist
instead of dialysis chairs for the comfort of our patients .
• The first and pioneer hospital for Blood Group Incompatible ( ABOi ) Kidney Transplant in the country and celebrated its 10th year anniversary in July 2021 .
• Successfully completed the 100th Kidney Transplant in June 2021 ( Performed 102 Kidney Transplants as of end of July 2021 ). i . Since the initiation of our Kidney
Transplant programme in 2009 , PCMC conducted an average of 10-12 kidney transplants yearly for both compatible ( ABO ) and incompatible ( ABOi ) blood groups . ii . In addition , PCMC performed a kidney transplant for Malaysia ’ s oldest kidney donor – a 79-year-old from Sarawak . Our female patients are also able to have successful and healthy pregnancies despite having one kidney .
Kidney-related disease often affects an individual ’ s quality of life as it is a lifelong chronic disease . Our Nephrology Unit provides all options to the patients such as heart patient with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal failure where kidney transplant is a viable option . Knowing the scarcity of similar blood group compatibility transplant is also a challenge for the kidney recipients . PCMC nephrologist has revolutionised the organ transplant field by being a pioneer of blood-group incompatible ( ABOi ) kidney transplants that were never performed in Malaysia . Patients now have more options when it comes to the pool of donors as incompatible blood groups can also undertake the transplant . Following this success , our nephrologist was one of the international speakers with Sir Roy Calne , pioneer in transplant surgery at the University of Cambridge in 2012 and collaborated with the Ministry of Health Brunei to establish Brunei ’ s living related renal transplant programme in 2013 .
This is why we not only strive for clinical expertise excellence , but also seek to elevate our patients ’ discomfort via our facilities and services . To do so , we recently upgraded all of our dialysis bays to fully bedded bays for our chronic kidney patients . Ultimately , our aim is to provide excellent healthcare services through comprehensive clinical expertise and superior customer service to contribute to the wellbeing of society .
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