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For the third year in a row , BDMS Wellness Clinic has been named the Asia-Pacific Integrated Health & Wellness Service Provider of the Year 2021 .
This prize followed our selection as a frontrunner for numerous awards in 2020 and 2019 and recognised our commitment to healthcare excellence and preventive medicine .
BDMS Wellness Clinic was established in 2018 as part of the largest private hospital network in Thailand , Bangkok Dusit Medical Services . Located in one of the most prestigious sites in Central Bangkok , BDMS Wellness Clinic is a rare oasis of wellness in the heart of the city .
A part of the award-winning Bangkok Dusit Medical Services ( BDMS ) network – Thailand ’ s largest operator of private hospitals with 47 facilities in Thailand and Cambodia – BDMS Wellness Clinic quickly became Asia ’ s premier healthcare facility , with the advanced science and technology that allow our physicians to accurately predict future health issues and prevent disease while enhancing mental and physical performance and – most important – quality of life .
We provide a wide spectrum of preventive medical services to patients from overseas and their families with the full range of amenities expected of an international institution . With our multicultural team of physicians and support personnel , we have extensive experience in providing care for patients from around the world , with dedicated medical departments for various nationalities , trained interpreters in multi languages , assistance with such matters as admission and accommodation , and all the cultural , linguistic and logistical considerations that accompany international medical
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travel , to ensure clients have a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay and get good health in return .
Our multidisciplinary , holistic approach targets all area of wellness , resulting in eight specialised clinics : 1 . Regenerative Wellness Clinic 2 . Musculoskeletal and Rehabilitation Clinic 3 . Brain Wellness Clinic 4 . Preventive Cardiology Clinic 5 . Digestive Wellness Clinic 6 . Dental Wellness Clinic 7 . Fertility and Women Wellness Clinic 8 . Aesthetic and Hair Wellness Clinic
According to Dr Tanupol Virunhagarun , Chief Executive Officer of the BDMS Wellness Clinic , “ the prevailing wisdom is that prevention is always better than cure . And while the BDMS network of hospitals have made significant investment in elevating its clinical services to provide world-class healthcare services using the latest medical technologies , the best chances we have for eradicating diseases is to prevent them from occurring in the first place . We know today that many of the biggest health risks , such as heart disease , stroke and diabetes , can often be prevented if the body is kept at optimal health . This becomes even more important as we get older and more susceptible to illness .”
For a patient who has undergone a check-up to analyse antioxidants , micronutrients , hormones , and genetic factors , our in-house Royal Compounding Pharmacy will develop personalised supplements designed to address specific individual cellular deficiencies . The BDMS Wellness Clinic also provides a range of vital supplements that address key health concerns related to disease prevention and health optimisation .
Your journey to wellness starts today with BDMS Wellness Clinic Live Longer , Healthier and Happier .
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