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The health screening centre at Island Hospital provides specialist-led health screening , six days a week with same-day results and consultation with a dedicated health screening physician or specialists .
The Executive Health Screening Package offers a comprehensive overview of the patient ’ s health status with the added advantage of allowing the patient to personalise any additional tests according to their needs . With such flexibility , patients need to only pay for and undergo tests that have been personalised according to their needs , following a detailed interview with a trained health screening nurse .
To facilitate the access to health screening for local as well as foreign patients , a dedicated online booking and payment portal is made available via the hospital website , which allows instant appointment confirmation . For foreign patients ( prior to the pandemic ) airport pick-up and transfer to the hospital are provided as well .
Slated to be one of the prominent features of the hospital ’ s Island Medical City expansion project , the health screening centre as we know now will be transformed into a wellness and health screening centre situated on its own dedicated floor , complete with all the facilities ranging from imaging and laboratory services , right through to consultation , conveniently housed in an all-in-one location .
Despite the pandemic , the project has continued to be rigorously pushed ahead , and is set to complete its first phase in the second half of 2022 . The first phase will add 300 beds to our current capacity of 300 , making it the first 600-bed private hospital in Penang . Island Medical City , when fully realised , will oversee an inventory of 1,000 beds while adding a host of medical suites ,
iHealth – Island Hospital ’ s health screening centre that provides specialist-led health screening
ancillary facilities and even a medical tourist hotel to complement its functions and to offer a complete suite of services for the healthcare traveller .
As we gear ourselves for the reopening of the country ’ s borders , we are keeping our patients engaged through various methods , be it online or offline . Through teleconsultation , our patients are able to keep their health in check , and ensure that when they can travel again , the transition will be seamless for them to return to Penang for their health screening needs .
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