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The COVID-19 pandemic put a great strain on the Malaysian healthcare system , as the nation battled with record infection numbers and a steep increase in general and Intensive Care Unit ( ICU ) patient admissions . As a private healthcare provider , Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur ( PHKL ) aimed to do its part in helping the nation fight the pandemic .
PHKL ’ s initiatives in managing the pandemic When the country ’ s National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme began in February this year , PHKL was one of the first private hospitals in the nation to be assigned as a COVID-19 vaccination centre , beginning with the inoculation of healthcare staff , followed by the general population . The hospital began with vaccinating 300 individuals daily , a number which eventually rose to 800 people per day .
Besides supporting the national immunisation programme , PHKL also provided extra beds for COVID-19 patients , as well as all the medical aids and supplies needed for those requiring critical care .
The hospital also participated in the decanting process of low-risk and non- COVID-19 patients from public to private hospitals , to help decongest public healthcare facilities .
When Malaysia reached record-breaking numbers of new daily cases , the strain on the healthcare system became more and more apparent . During this crucial time , PHKL loaned essential medical equipment such as ventilators to government hospitals , to meet the surging demand and to combat the rising ICU patient admissions . The hospital also managed to secure
Erica Lam , Chief Executive Officer , Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur
the necessary medical items needed such as Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ), drugs and other medication needed to treat COVID-19 patients . Besides this , PHKL ’ s infrastructure and well-equipped facilities allowed for the successful isolation and treatment of ICU and critical care patients .
How PHKL stands in solidarity to fight against the pandemic PHKL ’ s success during this challenging period was not achieved with individual effort . With the support of its management team , PHKL ’ s dedicated , skilled and experienced healthcare workers and specialists were able to assist the country in managing the COVID-19 outbreak .
All treatments carried out at PHKL are based on the latest guidelines from Malaysia ’ s Ministry of Health and other legiti- mate international bodies .
Aside from securing the necessary medical supplies and treatment for patients , PHKL also stands firm in upholding its core values of patients first , integrity , empathy , teamwork and excellence . It is with these strong values and beliefs , as well as a dedicated work ethic , that PHKL was able to lend a hand in the fight against COVID-19 .
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