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Artificial Intelligence in fertility treatment Artificial intelligence ( AI ) Enhanced Embryo Selection in fertility treatment is the first and latest addition into the ALPHA IVF GROUP ’ s host of advanced technologies offered to our patients in order to optimise your IVF success rates . This technology can help our fertility specialists select the embryo that is “ most likely to succeed .”
Artificial intelligence in fertility treatment improves IVF success The group members at Alpha IVF Group namely Alpha IVF & Women ’ s Specialists in Kuala Lumpur , Genesis IVF & Women ’ s Specialist in Penang and Alpha IVF Centre & Alpha Women ’ s Specialists in Singapore are the first in Malaysia and Singapore to start this technology in 2020 . As a pioneer in advanced technologies , we are always striving to be innovative in our treatment procedure and artificial intelligence is one of it .
AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection is suitable for women who have experienced implantation failures and who have more than one embryo available for selection and transfer . Looking through a high-powered microscope , our trained embryologist can often spot an abnormal embryo because it doesn ’ t develop normally . Abnormally developing embryos receive a low grade , while we typically prefer the highest-grade embryo for transfer .
Newly launched Artificial Intelligence- Enhanced Embryo Selection is poised to select the most viable embryo for transfer . This new revolutionary technology uses AI to identify the best embryo for transfer and is far more precise and unbiased than human eyes by deep learning each embryo
Colin Lee , CEO Alpha IVF Group
image to generate an AI Score .
The AI starts by assessing known components of the embryo that indicate its quality , and at the same time , identifies complex patterns which are too difficult for the human eye to see . When it is complete , the AI combines together these different contributions in the right proportion to give an overall assessment – the implantation potential score ( AI Score ). This allows our trained embryologists to assist in achieving successful pregnancies efficiently .
How it is done ? During the embryo grading , our trained embryologist will capture a microscope image of each embryo and upload it to the secure internet platform . Within minutes , they will receive a report from AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection , providing a definitive score out of 10 for each embryo based on its implantation potential and likelihood of creating a pregnancy . The higher the score , the better the chance of successful implantation . The embryo that gives the highest AI score is thus chosen for transfer into the mother ’ s womb .
Want to know more about our AI-Enhanced Embryo Selection and how you can be benefitted ?
Reach us now through the contact numbers below : Alpha IVF & Women ’ s Specialists in Kuala Lumpur : + 603 6141 6166 Genesis IVF & Women ’ s Specialist in Penang : + 604 226 3322 Alpha IVF Centre & Alpha Women ’ s Specialists in Singapore : + 65 6860 8888
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