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Digestive Health : Endoscopy at Sunway Medical Centre A healthy digestive system is fundamental to overall health . Sunway Medical Centre ’ s Digestive Health Centre applies a holistic care approach to dealing with oesophageal , gastrointestinal , liver , and pancreatic disorders in its patients , allowing for early detection of infections , obstructions , and oncological diseases in the digestive tract and its related organs . Endoscopy , a minimally invasive , nonsurgical technique , is used to examine these disorders .
With a complete range of endoscopic tests and procedures at the Digestive Health Centre , its specialist consultants in the Endoscopy Unit use them to diagnose and treat digestive health conditions affecting the oesophagus , stomach , liver , gallbladder , pancreas , small intestine , or large intestine . Advanced endoscopic imaging technology is utilised in evaluating and delivering appropriate treatment regimes to patients , leveraging cutting-edge technology for high precision .
Various departments collaborate closely to maintain and uphold the standards of the Endoscopy Unit , whose practice is thoroughly reviewed by Quality Resources and Infection Control units , supported by operation theatre and radiology teams , and backed by clinical heads , gastroenterologists , respiratory specialists , and a well-trained nursing team in the clinical environment . This synergy also takes on the planning of manpower , resources , practices , and process improvement .
Faith Tang , Bryan Lin and Lynette Lim
Endoscopic procedures at the Digestive Health Centre Sunway Medical Centre is home to expert endoscopists who are highly proficient at performing advanced and complex procedures for diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions with minimal disruption to the digestive tract , resulting in better comfort and quicker recovery .
Services and procedures offered at Sunway Medical Centre include :
Gastroscopy : An examination of the upper digestive system , including the oesophagus , stomach and first part of the duodenum
Colonoscopy : An examination of the lower digestive system , including the large bowel until the end of the small bowel called terminal ileum . Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography ( ERCP ): An examination of the biliary system , pancreatic system and gallbladder using X-ray guidance .
Capsule Endoscope : An examination whereby the patient needs to swallow a small capsule that consists of a camera to view the small bowel .
Bronchoscopy : An examination of the lung .
Cystoscopy : An examination of the urinary system including the bladder and urethra .
Fibroscan : An examination of the liver using ultrasound shear wave to detect the presence of scarring or fibrosis .
Urea Breath Test ( UBT ): Breath examination for detection of Helicobacter Pylori infection .
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