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Modern technological advancements are helping dentists around the world to upgrade their practice and enhance the quality of dental care . As the first Dental Ambulatory Care Centre in Malaysia to be awarded with the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health ( MSQH ) accreditation status in 2018 , KPJ KL Dental Specialist Centre is no exception .
“ New technologies are transforming dental practices beyond our imagination . However , not all of them treatments are affordable at this time . Yet , more and more dental centres are adopting newer technologies to improve patient care . Being aware and ready to adapt is the key for us at KPJ KL Dental Specialist to stay competitive in this market ,” said Alice Liu , General Manager of KPJ Tawakkal Health Centre on receiving this year ’ s Global Health Asia-Pacific award for Best Dental Service Provider of the Year in the Asia-Pacific .
“ We are overwhelmed to receive this accolade and this accomplishment belongs to our team of dental specialists -- our Orthodontist , Periodontist , Endodontist , Maxillofacial surgeons , Cosmetic dentist and Pedodontist , commonly known as a pediatric dentist as well as our ever-friendly support personnel . It is because of their unrelenting commitment and dedication in providing the best of care to our patients that we have received this recognition for the second time since 2019 ,” added Alice .
The Centre serves both local and international patients , receiving health tourists from Asia , Europe , North America , Australia , the Middle East and North Africa . In 2020 , the Centre had received 581 international patients out of 4,620 total patients .
In the past , when a patient visited a dentist ’ s clinic for artificial teeth restorations ,
Ms Alice Liu Ghee Vhon , General Manager , KPJ Dental KL
there was no easy way of showing them what their future smile would look like . This meant that they had to trust the dentist ’ s opinion and hope for the best . The advent of digital dentistry has changed all this . Now , patients get to see their future smile when the dentist presents the treatment plan .
Newer tools like 3D printing , digital visualisation , and communication between the dentist , patient , and the dental laboratory have made digital dentistry a highly efficient framework for multidisciplinary dental teams . Moreover , the ever-evolving workflows have made it easy and convenient for even a novice dentist to accept challenging cases . The dentist can outsource the complex treatment planning part and receive optimised and customised treatment planning templates .
The Centre is fully equipped with stateof-the-art equipment such as CBCT Imaging Unit among many others . The Centre is able to offer 1-Day Tooth Crowning to protect or restore a broken , worn-down or damaged tooth . Our dental specialist will use computer-aided design ( CAD ) and manufacturing ( CAM ) to capture digital images of your tooth and jaw , design a crown , and then create that crown for installation all on-site .
High levels of anxiety can lead to avoidance of necessary dental care , which in turn negatively impacts oral health and quality of life . As an alternative , we can manage patients anxiety under dental sedation or to any patients who prefers to receive treatments under this environment , which is recognised by MSQH . Equipped with an Operation Theatre and Day Care Ward for patients who need to undergo minor surgery or dental management under general anaesthetic .
Another advantage is its location , which is within a hospital setting , enabling it to accept many complicated cases from other dental clinics and even from the National Heart Institute ( IJN ). With the support of KPJ Hospitals , the Centre is able to provide an integrated medical support in the rare case of a medical emergency .
KPJ KL Dental Specialist Centre will continue to deliver quality healthcare services and shall remain focused on clinical excellence and innovative technology to obtain superior outcomes .
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