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Premier Jatinegara Hospital was awarded the Best Hospital of the Year in Indonesia Award by Global Health Asia-Pacific . This award is certainly a very good achievement , especially in the current pandemic situation .
Premier Jatinegara provides high-quality medical care for all patients , who have experienced excellent nurse ’ s response time , doctor ’ s bedside manner as well as a pleasant atmosphere and a compassionate and dedicated care provided by the hospital staff — all of these things affect how people feel about the quality of the hospital services . We have achieved these results by following our motto “ People Caring for People .”
During the pandemic , Premier Jatinegara is the only hospital chain in Indonesia implementing hospital infection control management risk in a very detail manner , providing the best treatment options for patients who seek medical care .
This award will motivate Premier Hospital Jatinegara to mantain high standards of care .
Other achievements and awards won by the hospital The hospital received the KARS accreditation in 2018 and the first JCI accreditation for private hospitals in DKI Jakarta in 2011 ( with the latest received in 2018 ).
An audit of the hospital is conducted every year by the HICMR ( Australia ’ s Infection Control Agency ).
In 2020 , the hospital obtained the Halal Assurance System Certification for food from MUI and the ISO Accreditation 9001 in 2015 .
In addition , Premier Jatinegara offers a host of medical services across several specialities . For example , it has a digestive centre , a colorectal clinic , a stroke unit , a cardiac ward , a urology centre as well as a wellness centre , a dermatology clinic , and a mother and child health centre .
Striving for innovation Premier Jatinegara Hospital has always prioritised care quality , constantly innovating to improve its services . This has been the result of the support of excellent leadership together with the cooperation between the management and our stakeholders , including specialists and employees .
During this pandemic , for instance , we are also adapting to the situation by providing health services to the community , not only through direct physical examinations in hospitals but also by offering telemedicine services , even for emergency cases like
strokes . Patients can consult our specialist doctors through virtual visits and have medications sent to their home via special delivery .
During the pandemic , Premier Jatinegara Hospital has also innovated to ensure the safety and comfort of patients during treatment at the hospital . It has done that with the initial health screening in the front door , the Zone differentiation for the patient service area ( Green – Gray – Red Zone ), the distancing between patient and doctors in the exam room , the quality of the personal protective equipment ( PPE ) used by medical staff while interacting with patients , and the high standards of cleaning and maintaining safe air flow within the ambulatory area . These efforts proved to be effective to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 inside the hospital .
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