Global Health Asia-Pacific Best Hospitals Awards 2021 - Page 22


The flagship hospital in Malaysia under the Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care umbrella , Subang Jaya Medical Centre ( SJMC ) is accredited not only by the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health , but also by Joint Commission International . Because of this , SJMC ’ s customers can be assured that the hospital is meeting all the Malaysian , as well as international patient care standards , and trust Malaysia ’ s most formidable standard-bearer for quality care today .
Celebrating its 36th anniversary and being honoured with the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award as the Malaysia Hospital Company of the Year in July this year , SJMC has achieved great success throughout its existence . Since 2019 to-date , the private hospital has been bestowed with numerous accolades at the Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards . In 2020 , SJMC was acknowledged as the Best Hospital of the Year in Asia-Pacific , and the feat was repeated in 2021 .
The motto of “ People Caring for People ” is not just a culture , but the mindset of every team member . Enabling patients to lead happier , healthier lives through every stage of their health journey is the accepted standard at SJMC .
SJMC won the award this year for Advanced Genetics Centre of the Year in the Asia-Pacific . The Molecular Diagnostic and Cytogenetics services laboratory at SJMC offers cutting-edge genetic and molecular diagnostics , with a focus on targeted therapy in oncology . Molecular diagnostic services offered include the Polymerase Chain Reaction ( PCR ), droplet digital PCR , Next-Generation Sequencing ( NGS ) as well as a wide range of fluorescence in situ hybridization ( FISH ) tests for malignancies such as lung , breast and haematological cancers . In response to a nationwide need by oncologists , NGS services started in 2018 .
This type of technology , once limited to the research area , has been increasingly deployed for clinical use . NGS is a high-throughput , DNA parallel sequencing technology which enables the simultaneous detection of multiple gene variants with high sensitivity and specificity . NGS is used to detect cancer mutations ( inheritable and acquired mutations ) to provide a molecular rationale for appropriate targeted therapy or prognostication .
Since the initial offering of smaller targeted panels in 2018 , the service has progressed by offering larger panels ( 161 genes to in excess of 500 genes ) for a wide range of common and rare cancers . Precision medicine is rapidly evolving with the recognition that cancer therapies must be individualised and SJMC has prioritised the growth of NGS in clinical oncology for more personalised treatment to improve patient outcome . Identifying patients most likely to benefit from life-changing targeted therapy based on molecular profiling of their tumours is the aim of NGS , and the SJMC laboratory is a pioneer in Malaysia for wide scale deployment of NGS services in clinical oncology nationwide . The NGS service receives samples both nationwide and from the region .