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When Shahnaz Healthcare Interiors started out as a healthcare interior design company , we wanted to achieve the impossible by creating a positive difference in the healthcare industry . With a dare-to-soar attitude , we believed that nothing is impossible . In the past three years , we have tried to do something beyond what was already mastered in the world of healthcare interior design .
We aimed to raise ourselves to the height of our potential by becoming a distinguished healthcare interior design firm in Malaysia . Behind the face of Shahnaz Healthcare Interiors lies a powerful , passionate and experienced team with the right strength , knowledge , courage , and will to embrace the possibilities of our potential as one of the top local healthcare interior designers . The depth of our passion is visible in our achievements , as a healthcare interior design company .
We have managed to create an excellent track record of successfully serving over ten hospitals in Malaysia , including KPJ Manjung , Settera Islamic Age Care Residence , Selgate Hospital , Pusat Darah Wilayah Utara , Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaysia ( PPUM ), Port Dickson Hospital ( New Wing ), Nilai Hospital and KPJ Perda , Metro Hospital , Pendang Hospital , Baling Hospital , and Selgate Rawang Hospital .
Through our vision , dedication and determination , Shahnaz Healthcare Interiors has not only succeeded in creating medical offices and spaces but also went one step ahead by providing world-class services and creating a place of wellbeing , purpose , and comfort with every given space .
As an interior design company , we believe our job is not just about the planning and drawings but also about help- ing our clients build stronger and better businesses that improve patient care and create a positive patient experience . We can discern quickly the clients ’ needs and move efficiently to provide smarter healthcare through better healthcare interior design .
Shahnaz Healthcare Interiors is driven by a mission to create designs and environments that help healthcare professionals make patients feel better . Our main objective is to create a healing environment for everyone , including stakeholders , patients , staff , and visitors . Our commitment to achieving excellence remains unchanged and our enthusiasm is still the nurturing force that fuels our dream of standing tall , while making Shahnaz Healthcare Interiors one of the top market leaders in healthcare interior designs .
Since the beginning of this beautiful journey , the many minds behind Shahnaz Healthcare Interiors have been coming together with only one common vision and
goal which is to create masterpieces that positively change the world .
In the near future , we hope to provide the latest technology resources that create awareness , connect people , and most importantly , empower the healthcare business .
At Shahnaz Healthcare Interiors , our commitment to excellence is not just a goal but also a promise . Though we are grateful for our accomplishments so far , we are always going to keep thinking big and set higher goals .
After all , as they say , the sky ’ s the limit .
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