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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course for various industries globally , and healthcare travel was no exception . As an industry that relies heavily on international travellers , the pandemic saw many key players in the value chain impacted , owing to extended lockdowns and border restrictions . However , countries are starting to show signs of recovery , including Malaysia – with mass and fast vaccinations , decline in daily COVID-19 cases , the reopening of a domestic travel bubble , and the government ’ s announcement of the country soon progressing from a state of pandemic to endemicity .
Remaining vigilant amidst adversities One key takeaway from the pandemic is that cross collaboration is crucial in accelerating industry recovery . “ Concerted efforts from both the public and private healthcare players during this pandemic must be commended for their agility and adaptability in handling a health outbreak of this scale . This is an effort and momentum that must be continued as we move from pandemic to endemic ,” said Mohd Daud Mohd Arif , Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council ( MHTC ).
For Mohd Daud , 2021 had been quite the journey , as he took on the role of CEO of MHTC earlier in the year , with sights set on driving Malaysia ’ s healthcare travel industry back to its former glory . “ We are immensely grateful for receiving the Outstanding Leadership in Healthcare Travel in the Asia-Pacific at the GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Healthcare and Hospital Awards 2021 . This award is the result of the concerted effort by the public-private partnerships that MHTC is built upon , and a testament to what strong collaboration across the value chain can do
Mohd Daud Mohd Arif
for our industry ,” he said . “ At the backbone of this are Malaysia Healthcare ’ s member hospitals , who raked in an outstanding 33 awards this year across varying expertise . Together , let us all continue to put our best foot forward in providing quality healthcare for our patients in a safe and trusted manner ,” he added .
Commitment to upholding patient safety Once known as the Hidden Jewel of Asia , today , Malaysia is referred to as the World ’ s Healthcare Marvel , having successfully built a strong reputation as a safe and trusted global destination for healthcare travel . Having served 1.2 million inbound patients in 2019 , Malaysia Healthcare has certainly demonstrated a firm dedication towards offering world-class quality healthcare , competitive affordability , and ease of accessibility , delivered through a seamless end-to-end patient journey experience .
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit , travel restrictions disrupted the ability to provide continue of care to those who travel frequently from other countries for timely treatments , such as cardiac and cancer patients . In response to this , Malaysia Healthcare introduced one of the first medical travel bubbles in the region to provide continuity of care for international patients under stringent SOPs . This initiative encompassed an all-of-government and allof-private healthcare commitment involving various public-private parties , namely the National Security Council , the Ministry of Health Malaysia , the Immigration Department of Malaysia , and private hospitals . Through this initiative , Malaysia Healthcare provided continuity of care for patients undergoing critical treatments , while ensuring the safety of patients and the community . “ We will continue to steer Malaysia Healthcare ’ s growth and standards in delivering world-class quality healthcare in a safe and trusted destination ; a commitment that we all must uphold together with our stakeholders ,” he added .
Forging resilience for long-term sustainability MHTC ’ s current priority is to forge better resilience for the industry , where it will continue to focus on existing offerings , while also enhancing the Malaysia Healthcare experience through new , diversified segments for long-term industry sustainability .
“ Lessons learnt from COVID-19 has enabled us to be better equipped in providing a seamless experience to all international healthcare seekers for long-term industry sustainability . I am confident that we will continue to exemplify and prioritise patient safety , and that together with our stakeholders , we will further propel Malaysia into the global landscape as the leading destination for healthcare and cementing our position as the World ’ s Healthcare Marvel ,” said Mohd Daud .
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