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Fiberglass Door Finishing & Maintenance Information

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Maintenance and Troubleshooting Standard Door Handing Chart
If you maintain your door properly , it will give you years of enjoyment . The most important single method to ensure the door ’ s longevity is to apply a high quality stain and finish . We recommend that only top quality finishes specifically produced for exterior applications be selected .
Quality of the Finish : Stain-and-clear finishes perform better if protected from direct sunlight , moisture and other weathering conditions . Refinishing will be required less frequently if a proper finish is initially added to the door . Some finishes on exterior doors deteriorate relatively quickly with exposure to the environment . In order for your exterior door to continue receiving the protection required , inspect the condition of the exterior finish at least twice a year and refinish as often as needed to maintain the protective integrity of the finish .
Single Door Left Hand Inswing ( LH )
Single Door Left Hand Reverse ( LHR )
Single Door Right Hand Inswing ( RH )
Single Door Right Hand Reverse ( RHR )
Binding or Sticking of the Door : Ensure that the door ( s ) continues to swing freely , does not bind in the frame , and that all hardware remains completely functional . If the door begins to stick or bind in the door frame , sand the edge of the door ( use an electric sander or a hand plane ) to trim the door so that it does not bind or stick . Be sure to refinished the newly sanded exposed area . Usually , it takes as long as one year for a wood door to acclimate to it ’ s installation surroundings .
Inactive ( LH )
Outside Paired RH Active
( LHR )
( RH )
( RHR )
( LH )
( LH ) R
Inactive ( RH )
Outside Paired LH Active Inside
Inactive ( RHR )
Cleaning the Door : Cleaning of the door is best performed by simply dusting the interior and exterior of the door using a soft , clean cloth . If required , a very mild soap and water solution may be needed to remove dirt from the door . Do not use any abrasive detergent or solvent based product , as these products will harm the quality of the finish . DO NOT use a waterblaster to clean your door .
Outside Paired Door — RHR Active
Indicates Entry or Keyed Side of Door ( Active Door of Pair )
Outside Paired Door — LHR Active
Fiberglass Door Touch Up & Repair Kits
To repair small scratches and chips to your Estate or Artisan door finish , you may use GlassCraft ' s Fiberglass Touch Up & Repair Kits . The kits are shipped in a box containing small bottles of pre-mixed top coat and stain colors . The Artisan Touch-Up Kit contains 4 colors : Cranberry , Mocha , Sycamore and Black . Estate Touch-Up Kit contains 3 colors : Cranberry , Mocha , and Sycamore . Both kits are shipped with an instruction guide and a ScotchBrite ® sanding pad .
Email customerservice @ glasscraft . com to order these kits :
ARTISAN Touch-Up & Repair Kit ESTATE Touch-Up & Repair Kit
Fiberglass Door Refinishing Kits
The Fiberglass door refinishing kits can be used to refresh a factory finished GlassCraft fiberglass door . The kits are shipped with qt . size jugs of colored top coat , enough to finish one complete 3 ' 0 " x 8 ' 0 " door .
Email orderentry @ glasscraft . com to order these kits :
ARTISAN Refinishing Kit ESTATE Refinishing Kit
Each Artisan and Estate Refinishing Kits are packaged and shipped with 1 qt . size jug refinishing formula , and instruction guide .
Artisan Refinshing Estate Refinshing