Gingras Global Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 78

Let the Motivation of

a Rescue move your Warrior Heart

I hope you enjoyed our issue on the non-rescue characteristics of social enteprise and impact investing.

While rescue doesn't belong in impact investing, the motivation behind it can call out the best in all of us.

As I give my last thoughts on rescue specific to our work, I would like to encourage everyone to consider what motivates and draws them to the space of impact investing or social enterprise.

If you let yourself dream about what you would like to rescue, you will probably find the heart of a warrior beating with courage and strength, waiting for a chance to get involved.

I love the warrior heart and I believe it resides in all of us. It would be my hope and prayer that each one of us listens to that call, takes some action, and helps another.

As I continue to dream about what is possible with Gingras Global, I consistently dream about giving the everyday heroes the tools and resources they need to empower through investing and enterprise.

Let's make it happen together.

Romy Kochan