Gingras Global Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 63

Then taking that goal and creating a thoughtful document process around


All the while stressing and employing accountability and transparency.

Every opportunity I am fortunate to have with these advisors and their

clients, keeps me empowered to continue to cultivate the landscape and

plant seeds on how Local Impact Investing can be part of each person's

portfolio when done with the highest of standards.

Third, the Family Wealth Management Offices (Bunga the Honey Badger),

are forging the empowered way on the Local Impact Investing scene. So

much so, that they have empowered us to create a new way to help them

serve their clients.

I am in awe of how their firms have embraced this concept of Global and

Local Impact Investing. The thirst their wealth managers have in addition

to their clients to learn more, do more and create impact is inspiring. This

enthusiasm is contagious and quickly set the pace on how important, and

of value, it is to be able to include mission, passion, and Empowerment in

each and every financial plan. Each opportunity I get to interact with

family wealth offices and their clients Empowers me to continuously

innovate and dig deeper into the soil so that the Local Impact Investing

Scene will produce a bountiful harvest!

The Impact Investing Farm has been quite busy during the summer. The

overwhelming message that has become abundantly clear to this farmer is

that no matter what kind of animal (T-Rex, Lion, Bunga) the more I can

empower them with truthful, transparent, accountable, and action-

provoking tools and information, the more bountiful their individual client

conversations and our Local Impact Investing Scene conversations become.

At the end of a weary day in the weeds, it comes down to this; my goal is to

empower and not enable. Whether that means to support my sons need to

be creative and do his own thing, to supporting financial professionals to

help facilitate new and different conversations, I will continue to plant

those seeds and harvest the results.

Oh, and if I can empower the Michigan Wolverines football team to win the

National Championship this year, that would be amazing!

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