Gingras Global Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 61

But as the majority of things change, some things remain the same. One thing in particular that remains the same in my home is my son’s love of the song Old MacDonald. However, his new renditions aren’t quite the same as his old favorites. Where before he would quickly pick his favorite animals, T-Rex, Lion, Bunga the Honey Badger, etc., lately he doesn’t call out an animal as bravely nor as confidently as he had in the past.

Now, please don’t worry about T-Rex, Lion, and Bunga, they still make it to the farm and play quite nicely together, but it’s not a matter of encouraging my son to use his imagination and create a farm full of whatever animals his heart desires. It’s as if he needs extra empowerment to think outside the norm and to take action and announce the animals on the farm.

Again, these interactions with my son truly parallel my work with financial professionals and bringing the Local Impact Investing scene into more mainstream conversations.

Over the last several months, a momentum shift has begun to occur.

First, I have seen large traditional investment firms (T-Rex) setting new standards and forging ahead with groundbreaking studies that highlight the quickly emerging Global Impact Investing scene. Creating and providing their Institutional Wealth Managers tools to help foster client conversations involving the Global Impact Investing Scene.

By their firms creating such tools, they are empowering their advisors to begin to think outside the traditional parameters of holistic financial plans. With this empowerment, come a thirst for more knowledge, which includes the ability to have the expertise to assist them with the Local Impact Investing Scene conversations that their clients inevitably want to integrate into their strategies.

And as an any good farmer, my goal is to empower them to cultivate these Local Impact Investing conversations. Being able to provide them with on the street knowledge, in the weeds local impact investing trends, and truths of the moment, empower me to forge ahead, and in turn, empowers them to dig deeper..