Gingras Global Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 60

As the season's change, so do many other things we hold near and dear.

The weather changes to cool. The leaves turn crimson, gold, and orange.

Football reigns supreme on the television in my home every weekend,

and inevitably we get older. And nothing hits me harder than the getting

older part. Not for me, I like to think of myself as a fine wine, only getting

better with age, but seeing my son grow, age, and develop leaves be with

bittersweet joy.

Nostalgia from when he was an itty bitty newborn to the amount of pride

I take now seeing him jump off the couch, stairs, chairs, and now that I

think of it, he now jumps off of pretty much everything.

We catch up with Jennifer Davis-Papa, our Managing Director of our Financial Professionals Division

An Empowered Farm of Financial Professionals