Gingras Global Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 47

Romy Kochan: Brenda, why did you decide to implement 'processes' when considering impact investing as a community foundation?

Brenda Hunt: The integrity of the Community Foundation is embedded in the systems and processes that it deploys in order to utilize its resources – this applies at all times in all facets of our work grant making, fiscal sponsorship, investment management, and of course in impact investing. At all times we have to be able to articulate how and we arrived at a decision, who was involved and made that decision and why that decision was made.

Romy Kochan: As we consider the topic of 'rescue vs. empowerment', what comes to mind specific to the community of Battle Creek?

Brenda Hunt: Ultimately impact investing provides an opportunity for more people, with more ideas, from more sectors to be engaged in solutions. Grants are often “awarded” to chosen institutions to “fix” a problem or condition. Investments can build trust and create a community where more people are earning part of the broader return – whether it be a financial return or a new way of getting something solved. In a literal sense: more people can become part of the solution than part of the problem.