Gingras Global Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 39

The intersection and the underlying fears

In this vibrant and exciting intersection of philanthropy and investment capital that we name impact investing, there lies an underlying set of fears.

Commonly, fears rise up around the 'earning less than market rates', small business failure, and the viability of social enterprise in general. Additional fears arise when thinking about philanthropic dollars (donations or grants) transitioning to balance sheet items instead of tax deductions.

The question that inevitably comes up is “What happens if this actually works? What does this mean for my overall current traditional strategies? And, ultimately, does this affect my identity in my social circles and family and culture? What about job security? How does this affect me in all ways in my life? Am I willing to explain this to my CPA and attorney and…..?

As human beings, when confronted with change, we often default to what has been, what has worked in the past. In other words, we default to the comfort of our traditions.

We all do it. It is in our nature.

However, if you are still reading this article, you are likely one of the courageous few; one of the game changers willing to break barriers and consider the possibilities of more.