Gilroy Today 2009 09 Fall | Page 8

Affordable Roofing

Pam & Rich Garcia , community minded , industry leaders and champions for eco-friendly roofing .

When , roofer , Rich Garcia had a bad fall that put an end to his roofing days his wife , Pam , was running a vocational training program . The fall made it necessary for them to make some life changes . Six months later they had a business plan , a roofing contractors license and the opportunity to build a business as partners . Twenty some years later they still own and operate Affordable Roofing .

The Garcia ’ s live in Gilroy and have their business offices for Affordable Roofing in Morgan Hill . This couple is all about being part of the Gilroy Community . They were recently honored by the Chamber of Commerce with the Good Egg Award for re-roofing the painting booth at the Gilroy High School auto shop . They were also recognized by Rod Kelly School for providing a number of roofing repairs .
Affordable Roofing has morphed from a one dimensional roofing company into a roofing company that works with the most sophisticated roofing systems that include integrated solar and eco-friendly products . Some of the new solar panels are actual roofing panels so the solar panel is the roof , not on top of the roof . Eco-friendly roofing includes cool roofs as well as construction techniques that minimize waste and maximize recycling .
Over the years , Affordable Roofing has garnered manyindustry awards . They are a “ Master Elite Contractor ” for the GAF-ELK . Finished Affordable Roofing jobs are inspected by GAF-ELK staff and are then given a 20-year leak free warranty . Affordable Roofing has also been recognized by “ National Roofing Magazine ,” “ Western Roofing ” and “ Professional Roofing Contractor .” It is a Bay Area Green Certified Company .
Affordable Roofing has ventured heavily into “ Green ” aspects of the roofing business . Son and Affordable Roofing employee , Jonathan , has a degree in environmental studies and alternative energy . They are committed to producing less waste , to use more eco-friendly products , and to provide for more sustainable living . This commitment goes so far as to include establishing a separate non-profit organization called the “ Green Design Center ” to advocate for and demonstrate more sustainable building practices .
1645 Vineyard Boulevard • Morgan Hill , CA 95037 408 842 7100 • affordableroofing . com