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Yin / Yang … balance for women a chinese medical perspective

by Ahnna Goossen , L . Ac .

The basic premise of Chinese Medicine is Balance of Yin and Yang . Yin is defined as the vital substances of the body whereas Yang is the defined as the activities that function within the body . Yin is the cool moisture that lubricates all functions which activities are governed by Yang . In one analogy ; Yang would be the fire beneath the cauldron and Yin would be the water inside the cauldron . The underlying goal of Chinese medicine is to balance the Yin and Yang of the body .

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine , the bulk of my female patients present with yin deficient symptoms , translating as a deficiency of moisture and coolness within the body .
Menopause is viewed as a deficiency of Yin in the body , leading to the common symptoms of feeling hot , dry and agitated . The Theory is that as we age , we loose Yin ( moisture ) over time . For instance a baby is born with abundant yin moisture as their skin is moist and dewy . As
we age , our skin starts to dry out as we are loosing our precious yin . Once menopause starts our bodies undergo a drastic drop in yin as our hormones drop , leaving us with an internal dryness and the resulting symptoms .
Chinese medicine has addressed this transition in life with modalities to “ preserve yin ” such as herbal formulas that clear internal heat via nourishing and moistening and acupuncture point prescriptions that “ call forth yin ” or balance hormones . One of the most exciting aspects of treating yin deficiency in my female clients is the anti-aging affects it provides . A typical case would be a women coming in for bothersome hotflashes night sweat , insomnia and anxiety . After introducing her to yin nourishing formulas and a series of acupuncture , she not only can sleep better due to less frequent hot flashes and night sweats , but she is also very pleased that her skin has become more hydrated and youthful as her yin energy has been restored into balance .
Ahnna Goossen , Licensed Acupuncturist and Studio Director of Yoga Bella has been practicing in the South Valley for the past 8 years at the Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic of Gilroy . 408-842-9688 gilroyacupuncture . com
The following table illustrates the difference between Yin and Yang aspects of the body and the symptoms experienced if either are deficient :
Yin cool female soft moist quiet calm rest and relaxation mode *
* Parasympathetic Nervous System ** Sympathetic Nervous System
Yang warm male firm dry active excited fight or flight mode **
Yin Deficiency Symptoms warm body temperature flushed cheeks hot flashes night sweats insomnia anxiety and restlessness dryness thirst rapid pulse menopause , hyperthyroid , anxiety , type A ***
Yang Deficiency Symptoms cool body temperature pale face cold hands and feet swollen body – retention of water always sleepy tired and fatigued , low motivation moist no thirst Slow pulse hypothyroid , depression ***
*** Western Medicine Dx :