Gilroy Today 2009 09 Fall | Page 17

Caroline and James Suner

taking easy living

The Suner home is expansive , 4,500 square feet and 2,000 square feet of covered porches , and sits on a five-acre lot surrounded by syrah and petite syrah grapes . The breathtaking views just don ’ t stop . In fact , before building the house , James and wife , Carolyn laid out the floor plan full size on the lot and meticulously checked the orientation and window placement . The finished home , with its old world feel and smoky finishes , was livable from day one . The views from every window are breathtaking . The hardwood and stone floors are beautiful and practical for this family of four , plus two dogs ! There is a careful use of quality materials throughout the house .
Although the beautiful kitchen is where Carolyn spends a great deal of time , her favorite room in the house is the living room , or view room , off the main entrance . With big overstuffed furniture ,