GIGABYTE Z270 Overclocking Guide GIGABYTE 200 Series Overclocking Guide - Page 20

XTU Benchmark results at 4.8Ghz :
We went from 1221 Marks to 1461 Marks for a difference of 240 Marks !
Chapter 5 : Obtaining the 5 Ghz Overclock
5 Ghz is possible even without deliding . However we suggest you delid as it increases your chances of obtaining a stable 5 Ghz . Delidding your CPU will reduce your CPU temperatures by 15-30C on load which allows for higher voltage settings thus higher overclocks .
We recommend using dual-radiator water cooling for the best results . A good air cooler such as the Enermax ETS-T50 that uses a push-pull fan setup paired with a good CPU may be able to hit 5 Ghz .
For the specific steps please refer to the overclocking guide above . The specific settings for a 5 Ghz overclock are listed below .