GIGABYTE Z270 Overclocking Guide GIGABYTE 200 Series Overclocking Guide - Page 15

Chapter 4 : Stability Testing
Congratulations ! You have obtained 4.8Ghz , a figure which was rare on the previous generation Intel CPUs , except for the few who were lucky enough to receive the best of the best . Now it ’ s time make sure that it ’ s stable . We ’ re going to use the software below to monitor our system , stability test , and adjust our overclocks .
Prime95 Version 27.9 Build 1
This is used to stress test our CPU in order to ensure that it ’ s stable in the most taxing of conditions . This particular version of Prime95 uses AVX instructions which push our CPU to the absolute max .
Used to monitor our CPU frequencies and Vcore settings .
Used to monitor idle , load , and loading temperatures .