GIGABYTE Z270 Overclocking Guide GIGABYTE 200 Series Overclocking Guide - Page 12

Step 5 : Change CPU Vcore settings
CPU Vcore : Raising this helps keeps the system stable at higher CPU frequencies . However , it also increases the amount of heat your CPU produces . We suggest you to keep Vcore at 1.35v when overclocking to 4.8Ghz while using a midrange air cooler – however — CPUs differ , some require higher voltages to be stable , some lower . There ’ s a large component of luck involved . Note that changing Vcore voltage also changes your Uncore voltage since they are on the same rail .
CPU VCCIO and CPU System Agent Voltage : Both of these settings help when we overclock the DRAM frequency . Values up to 1.4-1.45V are high but they are ok if you are using air cooling . Since we used X . M . P . profiles for our memory these voltages will be automatically set .
Step 6 : Save your settings
Last but not least of the BIOS procedure is to save the BIOS profile we just created . You will find this option on the last page of the BIOS named “ Save & Exit ”.