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Jim Jubelirer is a seasoned executive, coach, and public speaker. Jim’s mission is to help leaders improve their business performance and personal satisfaction. Jim speaks to a wide variety of audiences about leadership and business excellence and motivates people to achieve Breakthrough Results. He has designed and delivered custom training programs, and has delivered speeches, conference presentations, and/or executive seminars to over 6,000 people from over 40 countries. • Collaborate – Often, the best way to reflect is with the help of another individual—a mentor, a coach, a therapist, or even a colleague. Inspiration can come from many places, and it helps to have someone to bounce your thoughts and ideas off of. START TODAY: KEY TAKEAWAYS I end all of my coaching sessions with a simple question: “What is your key takeaway from today’s session?” Everyone on the senior leadership team goes around the room and provides an answer. Note that a takeaway is not the same as a to-do or action item. A takeaway is an item from the session that stands out in your mind as being most impactful. It could be something someone said, or an insight you had—it could be anything. Everyone on the team gets to hear from each other regarding what stood out—which increases alignment and engagement. Another benefit of the Key Takeaway closing exercise is anchoring. Adult learning theory states that when you anchor in a key learning from a meeting, you also tend to have a higher recall of other items discussed at the meeting as well! What is your key takeaway from this article? u JIMJUBELIRER.COM SPRING 2018 | 9