Getting Results Magazine Getting Results Magazine Fall 2018 | Page 6

LIVING THE SERVICE MANTRA Graham Weston is a prominent figure in San Antonio business and real estate circles. He is owner of Weston Properties, with its flagship Weston Centre the premier office space in San Antonio since 1992. He is perhaps best known for his role providing seed capital and later management expertise to the startup tech company, Rackspace, where he was chief executive officer until 2006, when he became chairman. I RA never really considered myself a “techie,” but boy, could I nose out business opportunities. I launched a variety of businesses beginning at the tender age of 13, ranging from selling pork to livestock photography to, eventually, real estate and development. Yet there was a growing force that I simply could no longer resist: the Internet. Though comfortably ensconced in my thriving real estate business, I sensed opportunity and I wanted “in.” When I encountered three local Trinity students seeking funding for an Internet-hosting business, we banded together and I became the first investor and cofounder of their fledgling company, Rackspace. com. Within six months, I had put my real estate business on hold and assumed the roles of CEO and Chairman, positions I held until 2006. A full two decades after we founded Rackspace, I still enjoy recalling the early days at the company and describing how we ended up veering from our initial concept. At the beginning, I assumed I would model it after the real estate industry. Instead of renting apartments, however, we’d be renting out server space to customers.