GETJoB$$.us Volume 20, Issue 9

Apr 2017 The Entrepreneur’s Network Newsletter JoB$$ Campaign “Join Our Business $uccess $chool” at Legacy Leaders Academy, the official name of the program that helps young people feel good about their life choices. “...this is one of the best The JoB$$ program offers individuals and organizations an alternative method for earning money or raising it in a fundraiser. We have 2,000 Job$$ available in over 200 cities across country. concepts for enabling In the effort to engage youth in meaningful activities, we have an additional 1,000 college positions and 5,000 JoB$$ for young people from 5th-12th grade.* active participants in The brand promise and goal of the JoB$$ program is to provide meaningful oppor- tunities for improving community development through youth entrepreneurship. earning income at the young people to become their community while same time... Measure our success by the number and size of the checks generated by youth business interns. Register at for regular updates on products, programs, and events. - Errol A. Jones, President , National Black Business Alliance Register Today Are you coming in for an interview? In This Issue  JoB$$ Campaign  Summer JoB$$ Open  PT JoB$$ Open  FT JoB$$ Open  Internships Available  Earning $500+ Monthly  Youth Business Council