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Bunn receives Georgia Bar Award

“Receiving this kind of recognition from the Bar is a tremendous honor." - Jacqueline Bunn

Jacqueline Bunn, Esq., has received the State Bar of Georgia’s Thomas R. Burnside, Jr. Excellence in Bar Leadership Award. The award was presented at the Bar’s Board of Governors at the annual meeting in Orlando earlier this year.

The award is given to honor lifetime commitment to the legal profession and the justice system in Georgia.

“Receiving this kind of recognition from the Bar is a tremendous honor. I have been blessed to serve and lead in various voluntary bar organizations over my thirty plus years in the law. I have also been honored to serve in state government because to whom much is given, much is required,” said Bunn.

Recipients of the award must work with the nominating organization fifteen years or more, must serve in the organization’s leadership, and must actively participate and support the organization’s programs and public service activities. Additionally, recipients must provide legal services to the community served by the nominating organization.

Bunn was nominated by the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys. She has been a member sixteen years and previously served as President in 2013.

Bunn was appointed to the Parole Board in 2016 and reappointed to a full seven year term in December of 2016. She is one of five members of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles who determine which eligible offenders receive parole in Georgia.

Board Member Jacqueline Bunn is a member of the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) and serves as the Vice Chairman of the Victims Compensation Board for CJCC. This past summer she attended the 2019 VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) national training conference.

Bunn and CJCC staff received training to help to enhance already exceptional service to crime victims in Georgia.

"As Vice Chair of the Victims Compensation Board, I feel it is imperative that we strive to identify best practices for using our limited resources in the most effective manner. The VOCA conference is an opportunity to learn and work to improve our service model for victims' assistance in Georgia," Bunn stated.

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