Georgia Parole Review Summer/Fall 2019 - Page 7

Engaging and Educating Stakeholders and Communities

Summer/Fall 2019


The State Board of Pardons and Paroles is taking advantage of as many opportunities possible to engage and educate Georgians regarding the agency’s important criminal justice and public safety role.

"By engaging stakeholders and educating the community about the agency, our operations and the parole process, we are continuously enhancing our operations and improving public safety," states Chris Barnett, Executive Director of Parole.

During the summer and fall, agency leaders spoke to many groups to inform them about the Board’s scientific, data-driven parole decision making process. Groups included civic organizations and associations and governmental agencies.

The Board’s communications director Steve Hayes spoke to groups.

"We appreciate the Kiwanis interest in learning about Georgia's public, informed and data driven parole decision making process. We also covered our operational objectives or 4 E's; engaging stakeholders in the parole process, educating the community about the process, encouraging active participation in the process and by doing those, we are enhancing operations and therefore improving public safety,” Hayes said after speaking in Rome.

Hayes also spoke in Columbus.

"It was a pleasure sharing information about the State Board of Pardons and Paroles. We are encouraging communities such as the Columbus Rotary Club members to be active participants in the parole process. Together the Board and the Columbus community can enhance public safety," stated Hayes.

Board Members including Chairman Terry Barnard and Board Member David Herring also spoke to groups.

Thanks to the following organizations:

Criminal Law Section of the Atlanta Bar Association

University of North Georgia Gainesville and Dahlonega Campus

Sandersville Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Columbus, Georgia

Reidsville Rotary Club

Rome Kiwanis Club

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