Georgia Parole Review Summer/Fall 2019 - Page 5

Parole Ready - definition

"Positive behavioral change noted through program completion, educational achievement, good conduct, and ready to contribute to a Georgia community."


During the summer and fall, clemency staff, executive leadership and Parole Board Members have engaged state inmates encouraging them to be “parole ready.”

Parole Board Member David Herring engaged inmates at several prisons. "It’s an opportunity for the offenders to see our commitment to consider their accomplishments and for them to understand true positive change matters,” stated Herring.

"We're encouraging offenders to mentor others and inform them that the Board is paying attention to who is working toward successful reentry,” adds Herring.

Following the agency’s operational priorities, parole staff continue to seek opportunities to engage the state’s offender population inside Georgia’s prison facilities. “Engaging offenders is an opportunity to convey a message that they should be working toward reentry, ” stated Executive Director of Parole Chris Barnett.

- Office of Communications