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At the October Board Meeting, a former offender told the Board of her recovery and her success on parole.

Tina Stanley was surprised as the Board presented her with a pardon.

Tina Stanley said this about receiving the pardon. “My whole life starts over, the Lord told me this was going to happen and today was the day. I think it is wonderful and amazing and I’m very grateful,” she said.

Parole Board Chairman Terry Barnard presented Stanley with the pardon and thanked Stanley for sharing her “faith” and her life story with the Board.

“We know that more than 70% of those who are paroled in Georgia are successful, a percentage well above the national average, but it’s not often we get to hear firsthand the details of these positive outcomes, and then today, we see those who have been paroled and they’re successful,” states Barnard. “Not many are pardoned, however Tina Stanley is certainly deserving of this pardon.”

Stanley is fourteen years in recovery. She continues to volunteer at Innervention, a program in Dalton, where she facilitates treatment groups. “I just wanted to be a positive person and give back, and I’m still doing that,” Stanley told the Board.

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Stanley encourages others in Board's "Parole Success" video

Summer/Fall 2019

Monthly Parole Board Meetings

Monthly Parole Board meetings are conducted for members to consider policies, procedures and to receive operational updates. The meetings do not include discussions regarding parole cases and decisions regarding offenders are not made.

At the October meeting presentations and updates were delivered by all three major divisions of the agency.