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Chairman Terry Barnard is serving his fifth term

Terry E. Barnard is serving his fifth term as Chairman of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

In June, the Parole Board Members elected their colleague to serve as chairman for Fiscal Year 2020. Barnard's election places him in unique company regarding those members who have served as chair.

He is only the sixth chairman to serve more than four years in the leadership role among the Board’s twenty-four (24) chairs since the agency was created in 1943.

Follow this link to see all members who served as chair;

Brian Owens is serving a second year as vice chairman.

The chairman and vice chairman are elected prior to the beginning of each fiscal year.

“The board has important public safety responsibilities. Each member serves with integrity and commitment to ensure we make the best possible decisions in order to make our communities safer. I am honored to serve again in this capacity,” stated Barnard.

"This Board has evolved over the past several years to strengthen our processes for parole and pardon considerations and as a result we have an open and transparent decision making process," Barnard added.

Pardon applications, for example now require greater amounts of information from the former offender seeking a pardon. Sex offenders required to register have a separate application if seeking a pardon and their waiting period after completion of all sentences is ten years compared to five for all other applicants.

"A pardon doesn't expunge or erase a criminal record but gives that offender increased opportunity to advance in a career or with educational opportunities," said Barnard.

"It's the right thing to do for someone who has demonstrated positive change and who simply want to be successful. A successful former offender is aiding in a safer society," he added.

The Parole Board continues to be accessible to anyone wishing to send information regarding a parole eligible offender.

"Our notifications to stakeholders seeking case information continue to be expanded upon. Anyone who has information or wants to share their views on a case can easily contact the Board and do so," Barnard states.

"Crime victims continue to have increased access to the Parole Board," he said. "Through our Victim Visitors' Days we have pledged that any victim who wishes to speak directly to the Parole Board Members will have that access. If they desire a meeting, it will occur," adds Barnard.

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